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    Default Re: Lifesize gollum statue???

    My gollum is coming in a few days, but man I wish I could find that smeagol version somewhere. That thing looks awesome!

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    I own the 2nd one pictured under mrichards2002 post. Smeagol on a 1/2 circle base. I won it from a local tv station when the final movie was coming out. It is pretty awesome. It also talks. It says "come master, I must take you on safe paths thru the woods'

    It is quite a conversation piece! I have had so many people comment on it when they come over & have freaked out many people. I love it!!!

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    hi do you still have the lifesize gollum thanks Steve

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    Hey everyone, I know this thread has been dormant for quite a few years, but thought I'd try my luck on the chance that someone may still be looking.

    I have the New Line Smeagol statue and would like to try to find him a new home. I actually hate to get rid of him but we're moving again and my wife really hates him. I've been the sole owner since the movie release. He's still in good shape but does have some wear. I no longer have the base but I can pass on the contact info of someone who does if you want it.

    Let me know if anyone is interested. I'm open to offers. I may start a new thread later but thought I'd start here first.


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    I have two of these already and in my opinion they are the best LS Gollums/Smeagols produced. If Mrs Hobbit were to make me choose then alas she’d have to go. 🤣

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    is there someone who wants to sell this 1/1 beautiful piece? thank you, I'm not happy

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