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    Default Prime 1 Aragorn 1/4 statue

    Was on FB.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails arg.jpg  
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    Excited. Is this gonna be 1/4 scale?

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    I really hope we see something soon from this line...I'm dying to add to my LOTR collection.

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    I've still never seen a statue or figure that really looked like Viggo.
    Hopefully Prime 1 can come close.

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    Same. Some are close. No one has nailed it yet. Asmus made the most effort though with constant feedback and updates.

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    My repainted Sideshow Aragorn PF looks good. That being said, I'm willing to sell him for this one, if it's done well.... But I'd want a Legolas to go with him.

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    I just noticed he seems to be wielding the Anduril sword. Given his stance and that he looks to be wearing his ranger outfit, I would place this pose/scene during the Return of the King as he leads the Army of the Dead.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm hoping to be blown away by P1 once images come out, seem like forever for any new (other than Weta) M.E. pieces.

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