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    Default Re: Thranduil on Elk - 1:6 scale figure

    ​Too late anyway.

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    After looking at some photos of their recent Thorin throne statue, gotta say...the paint was not impressive. The close-up photos I saw of his face almost made him looked diseased. The skin color was so mottled.

    Hopefully if this one turns out good, it can be found after release (and in-hand photos). Because I'd need to see in-hand photos first at that price.

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    Congrats to the folks who picked one up. Can't wait to see the in-hand pixs someday. Majestic!
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    I still say that of all the pieces released so far, this one will be one of the top grails in the line.
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    I like this one a lot. Ordered and will keep it, but after this I think I may throw in the towel on figures. I will break for Sauron and possibly any Nazgūl. After seeing the price on the new Alien 3 Dog Maquette, pricing in this hobby is just going to a point I don't really want to peruse.

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