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    Default Re: Thranduil on Elk - 1:6 scale figure

    Quote Originally Posted by Pork Chop Express View Post
    So after really looking over the piece, I've decided to return it. There are to many blemishes overall for a $1k price tag. I still think Weta would be leaving money on the table if they don't revisit the Ringwraith for their rider series at some point. If they do I'll po that and be done.
    It should be better for $1G yup...redoing mine...worried about redoing face though

    Quote Originally Posted by Monty View Post
    Got mine today and it's goin back,beautiful sculpt but paint is sub par in quite a few areas,and it's not sitting flush into its peg holes.I also don't like the face on mine,sucks now cause I have to try and get back the money I paid in duties,goodbye weta
    sorry to hear that best of luck with Weta
    Quote Originally Posted by Nenya View Post
    Looks neat, but definitely not worth the price for me. The paint, especially on Thranduil's face, is not good enough for a $1000 price tag imho.

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    DSC02094 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02095 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02097 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02098 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02099 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02100 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02101 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02102 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02105 by bainiceheart, on Flickr These photos were taken on April 3rd...day I got it...so much to hate about this paint app I received...worst Weta paintjob I've ever gotten...and I own it all pretty much...I coulda taken 20 more photos like that from other areas of my ToE...I'm sorry I didn't...If I couldn't paint I woulda returned this piece as fast as hell...I decided to repaint this....just finally finished it today after 3 weeks and 30+ hrs with paintbrushes

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    DSC02440 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02439 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02438 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02437 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02436 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02435 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02433 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02432 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02431 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02429 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02428 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02427 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02424 by bainiceheart, on Flickr Photos taken in full sun

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    DSC02415 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02414 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02413 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02412 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02411 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02410 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02409 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02408 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02407 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02406 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02405 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02404 by bainiceheart, on FlickrDSC02403 by bainiceheart, on Flickr Photos taken in back yard shade...Am happy I finally finished this repaint

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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Adolfo again....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pork Chop Express View Post

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Adolfo again....
    Did you get my PM...? I sent two but not sure if it went thru...

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