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Thread: My PF Lurtz

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    Default Re: My PF Lurtz

    I tell you ... why oh why did they make the BOW an exclusive... he is just not the same without it!!!

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    Great pics!! This one truly is a marvel that's for sure. It appears the detailing is as good on the productions as the proto and some of the best detailing we've ever seen. Next Tuesday Lurtz will be here and I can't wait to get him all set up.

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    Great pics Tom!! This piece looks amazing!

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    Another one I should have a review of up within the week. I'm hoping he's here today or tomorrow!

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    From what I am seeing in pics I like the sword and shield better (though I am still waiting for someone to post pics of the front of the shield). The hand that is not holding the bow looks kind of arthritic. Might just be the pics though.

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    I like it! Mine has been confirmed for today, after FedEx blew it yesterday!

    A question:
    Is the skin "rubbed" thin in places, I see areas where Lurtz has more of an orange hue to him; this was somewhat common on the Uruks in the SSW line?

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    Tom, perhaps we need a visual tutorial from SS on how to put that danged arrow pouch!

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    I got my Exclusive Lurtz yesterday afternoon. Lucky #7!

    I took some quick pics and put him back in his box. Here's a couple for your enjoyment:

    I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here but I'm here all the same.

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    Hey, how'd you get to put that arrow bag on him? Tom was having a tough time. I get mine today, but I'm curious what tricks you used.

    And did you say your edition number is 007???

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    After seeing more pics of him,I think he looks very good.

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