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    Default The 36 -- ATTN: Bronze Gandalf(s), where are you? 16/36 found

    I have a slight obsession with the Gandalf the Grey bronze. I also have a little OCD i think and would love to know where the 36 are. I will never own one unless i win the lotto but would one day like to see on in the flesh for at least a minute.

    Protoype Weta new Zealand
    AP 1Peter Jackson? NZ Should make him a bronze for bringing us LOTR
    AP 2 WETA New Zealand (sold on trade me)
    AP 3 Richard Taylor? New Zealand. thankyou for Weta!
    AP 4 New Zeland ?
    0 in Weta's boardroom..(Prototype)
    1 is with Sir Gandlaf in his garden.
    2 Peter Jackson NZ
    3 UK
    6 Germany
    7 Austria
    8 USA
    10 USA (in a hole in the ground)
    11 France
    12 US
    18 listed on Ebay Germany
    19 UK LCTOYS
    25 Australia
    31 France
    33 UK
    34 Switzerland
    35 US
    36 Arlington Tennessee USA

    keep the info coming! Just to keep you all motivated with this thread as i am still kept up at night thinking about the 36. On completion of the 36 I will offer one of my collection for a prize in the giveaway section. No guessing on any of the 36 please! thanks agin for all the help so far.

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    This thread is totally useless without actual addresses......................................... ....JK....LOL
    If they move, kill em!

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    Just giving this a bump to see if any of you freaks own one. If you are active on other threads please ask just in case. I would love to get to 20 but December.

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    Sep 2005
    BagEnd - Louisiana
    You need to yell louder Stormy, some of these Freaks are getting long in the tooth if you ask me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldduffer View Post
    You need to yell louder Stormy, some of these Freaks are getting long in the tooth if you ask me!
    Me too, maybe some images might help, a much larger member list here yet much quieter. Mybe it is because I am a newby here. We will see.

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    Just updating this thread with post from the S & F:

    [QUOTE=seregon13;1312918]Hi Clarkey ,

    don't forget the 4 AP on your list.

    =) The #2 AP was sold last year on trademe.co.nz for 5000 NZD i believe
    So that one stayed in NZ


    that was discussed here:

    =) well i can't speak for them but we have at least here two lucky members who own the gandalf :hug (#7 and #8)


    Some private pics would be highly appreciated:beer

    =) if you check the only 3 pieces recorded as sold on toytracker:


    the one with a best offer at 6500 GBP was sold from a UK seller to a French guy,i followed the auction but can't remember wich number it was.Don't even remember if the seller posted real pics on the auction page.

    the second one sold 9500 USD was sold in the US.It was the #12.

    the third on the list, i don't know :hmm

    =) one was in auction 4 or 5 year ago from LCTOYZ (seller UK) the price was around 10000 GBP if i remember well and wasn't sold at the end of the auction (probably sold directly in their office shop?).It was number #19
    some pics i saved from the auction:

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    =) There is also someone from our French forum who bought the piece on a UK convention i believe.
    It is #31


    =) That one #35 i can't remember from where and wich collection i saved the pics.

    I know another Frenchie who was trying to sell his Gandalf but for a really big amount .I will try to contact him and ask him if he can share pics and to know his serial number.


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    Quote Originally Posted by seregon13 View Post
    the one at weta is not an AP,it's probably the unique prototype bronze of Gandalf with a different color and base.

    Goliath's pic and thread:


    Concerning the AP a French collector told me that one was in PJ collection and another one with Mr Taylor.The battle for the biggest collection never end

    Does somebody else have heard about this?[/QUOTE]

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    Another owner

    Quote Originally Posted by Berenhardt View Post

    I am the owner of the Gandalf no. 34

    I am building for now 4 years on my museum for Middle-earth (ME) here in East Switzerland in a little village called Jenins.
    I hope that end of this year the work on the museum will be finished so that fans of ME could visit this very special place for watching thousands collectibles referring to ME from next year on.

    The museum includes as entrance a perfect life-size hobbit hole (4 rooms - you can see here as actual picture at night incl. snow in Jenins :nod), bigatures (Argonath, Balrog, Cave Troll, Smaug, Treebeard; all 3 to 9 meter large), about 3.000 books, 400 original paintings of more than 50 different artists. Many pieces/collectibles are unique ones as prototypes, artist proofs, signed, etc.

    I will inform you about progress and date of opening of the museum in future.

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