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    Default Re: The 36 -- ATTN: Bronze Gandalf(s), where are you? 16/36 found

    So a while back a good friend of mine, Alan AKA Ellroy, went to NZ and visited the Weta Cave where he recieved the warm and friendly welcome we hear so much about when people visit the Cave.

    He was lcuky enough to meet many cool Weta folk which he wrote about in his posts when he returned. I asked him to check out the gandalf bronze and these are the pics he got! magnus is also there, a huge distraction of manhunkness for sure.

    the photo's were quite dark so i had to edit them so the bronze might look a little bleeched out.

    To see 1 of the 36 would be a dream come true, to own one amazing. To see one of the prototypes would be simply awsome and imaging owninge one of these, wonder how many there are?

    thanks to Al for the pics and details and thanks to magnus and Tim for making him feel so welcome, plus Tania dropping by and letting him hold an oscar, a dream come tru for aAl. Tim thanks for letting me post the pics.

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    Wow and thanks for posting, I always wonered what happened to the artisan thread but this is amazing and great pics. I have emailed Gary Hunt to try and get more info about the design concept etc but nothing as yet.

    Thanks again an excellent addition to the thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by seregon13 View Post
    Congrats to both of you Stormcrow and Elfcommunicator :beer:beer

    Here is the one i saw at The Hobbit Artisan Market (Gary Hunt's booth)

    Just found Mike's reply on the other thread
    I was pretty sure that the Gandalf is a prototype owned by Gary Hunt and i chatted a bit with him :thumbs but i didn't ask to confirm.

    if this is not his Gandalf,maybe lend by someone at Weta for the show?


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    Number 33 found in the Uk


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    Anyone seen one of these on ebay? was thinking of getting one at the time, but didn't due to the high cost.
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    rarely they do they show up for sale and when they do the original retail price is a but a joke in comparison to the prices now. Last eBay sale was 18k I believe, and then there is the guy in Germany that was asking 30,900 EUROS!!! I assume he still has it
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    They seem to pop up once every two years I think but less and less these days as I think collectors who really want one get one and then they are gone forever.

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    [QUOTE=seregon13;1403833]I understand,i thought that Gandalf 6 was located in the US,so maybe the buyer/owner is from Germany.

    Just for record the #6 is from The RotK oscar party raffle in 2004 and was sold 4450$ (toytracker list) by the winner the same year.
    It was all bonus for him as he paid only 20$ for the ticket

    *Bronze Gandalf Statue from Sideshow/Weta Collectibles - No 6 of 36. Featured in Sideshow Collectibles catalog. (Special raffle, $20 per ticket)


    Here is an old page from the auction of the #18 (already listed).

    I believe the same German seller was also selling the #17 if you check this old thread by Goliath on the freaks board.

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    [/QUOTE]The pic below if from a German convention,can t see the number but i think it is #17 or #18 from the ebay seller stand.

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    Just a few more updates

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