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    Default Re: Asmus Toys: Arwen

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyAndFight View Post
    And Arwen has arrived in Minas Miami!

    She looks very good, as the mixed medium hair works well and the sculpt looks even better in hand than in pics.


    Hope she was worth the wait!
    "History issa made atta night. Character is whatta you are inna the dark." --Lord John Whorfin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wor-Gar View Post
    Speaking of... since we've all been waiting all this time with you.

    Yeah, I know but I have absolutely no display space available. I've got easily over 30 figures still in their packaging because I have nowhere to display them.

    I have to be honest and I've been considering a big purge in the collection. I just have too many figures to display in a classy way and not jam-packed in shelves/detolfs.
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    Too many figures is definitely and issue. But how can you buy a figure just to keep it in its box, especially when you first get it? I can understand taking a figure that's been on display for some time out of circulation... to make room for something new. But hiding a new figure? Blasphemy.

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    Oh, I know the feeling! I've got a bunch still boxed. Our house is WAY too small. So for me, sometimes the excitement of a new figure can get overwhelmed by the dread of making room for it. I've got to take the current figures down, go to our storage unit, root through the unit to find the original box, repack the old figure, find a place for it in the storage unit ... and on and on ... Ends up being a pretty solid chunk of a day, all in.

    It's like a giant game of physical and emotional Tetris!

    I've slowed down in my collecting in recent years, but I've still got way too much. I love my collection, but sometimes it can feel like a bit of a burden.
    "History issa made atta night. Character is whatta you are inna the dark." --Lord John Whorfin

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