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The strangers 1:6 scale figures progress thread

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Quote Originally Posted by sibarry78 View Post
hey guys wanted to start a little thread so you guys can see how my project is going and hopefully i get a good "ULTIMATE GRAIL" set made

first a little background on this project
this project started 2 years ago when i wanted to put together a set of figures of one of my favorite horror movies of recent time
it didnt start well as most of the sculptors and artists id heard about just were not interested in taking it on
however on the second time of asking legio7 decided to say yes and made two beautiful masks and also made a pretty awesome man in the mask headsculpt

around this time i had been diagnosed as having a brain tumour so this project became a positive focus for me
i had been asking around about clothing and was trying to avoid paying a ton of money as i had to keep some saved in case things changed with my tumour
it was at this point i was shown the amazing strangers diorama built by zsaszsays ltd and the figure he had built
i got in touch with him and we began talking
he seemed like a genuine guy and we got to know each other because we both had **** going on
i decided to use some of my saved money on commisioning him to build some stuff and make clothing
knowing he was going to handle all that took alot of stress off me
but then his updates stopped and he stopped messaging me
there wasnt much i could do because i was due to have surgery to remove the tumour
after i took a break and dealt with my recovery all communication from him ceased he removed me from his personal facebook and stopped even reading my messages
i almost decided to just quit
but after what id just gone through felt quitting over some clothing was the dumbest thing i could do lol

so contacted geewhiz clothing and they handled some of the work
worked on the tie myself and other bits and pieces
and met an awesome lady called pam who made the clothing for my pin up girl and did an amazing job
almost finished the man in the mask and am close to putting the girls together

to say this has been a journey is an understatement

ive met some amazing people through this hobby but also seen the ugly side of it such as peoples egos getting too big and other people just flat out running off with my money

ill try and update this thread as much as i can

thanks for tagging along