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  • Prime 1 Venom

    10 37.04%
  • XM Venom

    13 48.15%
  • XM Cyclops

    3 11.11%
  • Prime 1 Cracked Tusk Predator

    1 3.70%
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    Default Need help deciding on next statue

    Great time to Be a collector but I can only choose one at the time.

    I don't have any XM or Prime 1 Pieces and looking forward to adopting one. So many good choices. Really interested in some opinions, especially from the owners of the Venom Statues. Right now, I'm leaning towards Prime 1 Venom but with a bigger purchase like this I'd like to see if Im missing anything.

    Prime 1 Venom:


    Strong Presence
    Detailed Base
    Symbiote Intensity
    Perfect Spider Logo
    Two good portraits


    Many Pieces
    High Break chance

    XM Venom


    Awesome Pose
    Flawless Base
    Best McFarlane Head
    Alt Portrait sweet
    Good Sculpt


    Not sure it has the same impact as Prime 1

    XM Cyclops


    Awesome Sculpt
    Iconic Pose
    Light Up
    Costume Detail
    Switch-out Torso
    Cyclops is my favorite hero


    Not the biggest fan of the 90s Costume

    Prime 1 Cracked Tusk Predator


    Predator Sculpt Great
    Both Portaits Awesome
    Intense Pose
    Light Ups
    Unique Piece


    Base is too big and plain. Takes up most of the statue

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    XM venom all day if you are looking for venom. On Prime 1 While venom looks great, everything else just looks entirely too busy and messy. It does not have the shelf presence of something that you look at and recognize right away in my opinion. That is of course Unless you were looking for that specific comic book version look of venom with crazy chaos. Which I don’t relate to venom. The prime 1 comic version doesn’t register to me as “venom”. XM really nails venom better than anything I’ve seen so far. It’s the one I have chosen to own. It’s expensive but worth it. The statue is beyond expectations and XM delivers on every aspect.

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    Cyclops looks pretty darn good.

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    None, put your money into savings or buy something for your significant other.

    Jfk buy them all. Cyclops looks pretty good

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    I literally just purchased the XM Venom for $1050. Prime 1 Venom shipped was $1000. I used to lean Prime 1, mainly because I never thought I'd track down an XM Venom. I wasn't even hunting for it, but for ****s just typed XM Venom into eBay and one popped up 2 hours from my house. We negotiated and I drove out there and pick it up. I prefer XM, not only because I now own it, but because the seller had both in his house. The Prime 1 definitely takes up a ton of more space in every dimension. The intricacies are insane. But it's always been too busy for me. And in person, while I liked it better, I found the tendrils on his back to look too plasticy.

    I love the simplicity of XM Venom. And I'm glad I found one for so cheap. There's another one on ebay right now for $1,075 plus shipping. It's in Long Island so if you're nearby I'm sure you can do local pickup.

    Bottom line, in some rare cases the XM and Prime 1 Venom are basically the same price now. I would never pay $1500 for XM Venom. But if you can find one for a $100-200 difference from Prime 1 Venom, I'd go with XM.

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    XM Venom. P1 is too cluttered IMO. Not a fan of the proportions either. Something I noticed recently is the tongue is not very well done. Very 'plastic' looking. The drool is cool though.

    One thing I find interesting is you say Cyclops is your favorite hero......so maybe you should go that route.

    All are impressive pieces.
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    P1 Venom. The XM Venom is boring.

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    Voted for P1 Venom

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