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    Default Re: What's the general consensus of the xmen movies?

    Quote Originally Posted by ChunkyZergling View Post
    1: awesome
    2: awesome
    3: sucked
    4: good

    But Hugh Jackman plays a terrible Wolverine. He's nothing like the comic book character. He's too tall and not muscular enough. They got that guy jacked up for the Captain America movie, Christian Bale for Batman. Add 40 pounds of solid muscle to Jackman and I'd be ok with it.
    Meh, he had the attitude and chops, close enough.
    And your face drops in a pile of flesh. And then your heart, heart pounds till it pumps in death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisherprice View Post
    First class was a horrible abomination to the franchise. It was an ok movie but what they did with the history of the xmen was a joke. Also the characters that chose made me scratch my head.
    Just like alternate realities in the comics and new cartoon versions every few years, that's all the movies are. They're just another version of the characters. Movie interpretations can't ruin the characters. It's the comic book writers who ruin the characters.

    What's bad is inconsistencies within the interpretation. In 5 movies the X-Men are like DC and its Crises. Wolverine and First Class created inconsitencies by conflicting with each other and the original trilogy.

    There's not even a need to list them here because a quick Web search of "X-Men Movie Inconsistencies" shows that there's lists all across the Internet. After 2 mixed reviewed films in a row for the franchise, and Origins starting the inconsistencies, I really think by the time they got to FC they just said "F it, let's do what we want".

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Spidey View Post
    What I wanna see is a film where X-Men fight big ass sentinels and all the main villains for about two hours. Give me the same vibe the 90's animated series had. It could be all CGI I don't care. Actually I think it'd be the best solution to get as close to the comics as possible

    I'd love a CGI X-Men, realistic style like the Final Fantasy movie was, or even real/partially real actors in a CGI world like the Mass Effect 3 or Halo Reach commercials. The only problem is getting a good enough script to support it. To do so I think they'd need to stick closer to the source material and go big, like LotR or Harry Potter, and develop something designed for the long term like HP or Star Wars (and I know SW originally was a trilogy, but it was intended to be 3 sets of trilogies).
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    ^ there was a opening cinematic for a game, Ultimate something that had Spider-Man, Wolverine and Caltain America fighting on a hellicarrier and also some cutscenes with Apocalypse and Nightcrawler that were alll fantastic. A CGI movie would be excellent IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisherprice View Post
    First class was a horrible abomination to the franchise. It was an ok movie but what they did with the history of the xmen was a joke. Also the characters that chose made me scratch my head.

    I can't wait for Fox to lose the license so that Marvel can have it back.
    Also Xmen 3 was disgusting and I do not understand why Brett Ratner is allowed to make movies.
    1. Much of that history had already been rewritten by prior movies.
    2. The movie X-Men are, obviously, not the same as the comic book X-men. They were telling their own history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapitoMX View Post
    Here's my take on the films.

    Beast- In F.C. he turns to into full blown Beast, but while in X-1 or
    X-2, Hank Mccoy is seen on TV as an adult and still "human" looking.
    I know what I just said about this being a different continuity, but if this is something that bugs anyone remember that in the comics for a time hank did return to human(ish) form.

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    X-men 3 was the worst. Ratner basically killed every beloved characters there was. As soon as Xavier was killed my first response was WTF! I couldnt believe Marvel approved that film.

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    Yep, X3 was an abomination. I agree with Dark Spidey -- although the first two did get a lot right, I did feel it was missing the epic feel of the best X-Men comics (even in regards to Magneto). I'd really like to see Sentinels, Apocolypse, Sinister and so on done right. It would require a lot of CG but that would be fine as long as the story measured up (which shouldn't be a problem given a lot of excellent source material).

    That said, X-Men First Class was a lot better than I personally expected it to be. Sure there were some lame mutants, but I liked how they handled the relationship between Charles and Erik. Felt pretty natural and believable to me.

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    I never understood the hate for X3. I thought it was pretty enjoyable, despite the fact that it strayed pretty far from the source material. I thought the pheonix storyline wasn't handles very well but overall I really liked it.

    X1 really doesnt hold up tho. It already seems kind of out dated

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    I wish that they would put Logan in his Wolverine costume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronLungs31 View Post
    I wish that they would put Logan in his Wolverine costume.
    Me too! I remember reading that the director or producer said that some costumes don't translate well from print to screen.... never understood that. I liked X1&2. First class was great IMO. Jennifer Lawrence as mystique was the pooh

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