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    Default Re: Has anyone used homeboytoys.com in the uk ?

    Quote Originally Posted by TurdFurgusonsHat View Post
    I have no idea what's what here...

    But this thread title reeks of a Saturday Night Live skit where a guy is selling Hot Toys out of the back of a truck on the street
    Well, on the plus side the address search pulled up a townhouse and not a van down by the river. Granted, that's the only thing on the plus side so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yy0925 View Post
    I surely didn't do it just because he created an account here

    I took a good look at his eBay and social media activities and decided to try it with PayPal buyer protection.

    I have 180 days to monitor his sales activities. The loss in worst case would be the deposit 30 EUR.

    Yeah I know you warned me
    Well, regardless of what happens...I commend you sir for being our guinea pig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Buffinator View Post
    Well, on the plus side the address search pulled up a townhouse and not a van down by the river. Granted, that's the only thing on the plus side so far.
    "Bonet de douche my son, Bonet de douche"
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    Relevant to creating an account to prove legitimacy.

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    You can deposit on request

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    SDCC 18th - 21st July
    buy 1 item get 1 (less expensive) 1/2 price!
    code wqbsmd - 22% off all items till 22 September!

    Applies to 1st item in SDCC offer if you want it to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenRanger-Kush View Post
    If someone gets a figure from this website, let me know. This looks really promising for EU buyers. I also agree with Steve, action speaks louder than words, but he could be a dead honest man helping people out with these prices. Only time will tell!

    And maybe delete the picture of someone's freaking house...
    Itís no big deal really, I have my address listed on the site so anyone can look it up anyway.

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