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    Default Re: Young Rich Toys Miles Morales

    About how much is that Arc Project Spider-Gwen going for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candle Jack View Post
    About how much is that Arc Project Spider-Gwen going for?
    It depends on how many options you choose. You can get just the spandex printed suit, or just the head, or the shoes. If you get the whole complete set including the body it'll cost you around $280-300. It's pricy obviously because it's not a mass produced item, it's a custom done by a guy on facebook with very high quality. I believe there are only like 30 of them around in the world at the moment, and the run is very limited so if you're actually interested i'd jump on right now before this next batch ships out. I don't know how many more he's going to do.

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    I'd be all over a hobo Peter B. Parker if they ever decide to make one.

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