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    Default Re: 1/6 Hot Toys - Infinity War - Iron Man

    I pretty much knew I'd be in on this one just from that poster artwork that had him on there. I think at the end of the day, I'll have Mark IV, Mark XLVI and this. I've always liked displaying them with the RDJ headsculpts as well. Will order from BBTS once it goes up and depending on when this releases, waiting for some RP to hit the account, maybe accumulate some more, if this is still available on SSC after Spook, that'd be great

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    Don't care much for the armor, but I love the Thanos sneak peak.

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    Oh this looks nice. Not gonna jump any ANY figure at the moment. Need more reveals. Id like to see thanos and hulk. I only have the AoU trio but i bet these new figures will be a worthy upgrade

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    Looks like iron man x wasp crossover

    Not a fan of these base for diecast figures, kinda pointless if we canít do a flight pose.

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    Ok scrap what i said. Ill be skipping the figures. IM GETTING THE JUST ANNOUNCED HT LIFE SIZE GAUNTLET

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    Life size gauntlet? Where?

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    The gauntlet looks amazing. I wonder if the fingers move.

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    Looks cool but don't need another Iron Man. Hopefully they do rapid reveals.

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    Ordering this the precise instant itís available if not sooner.

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    Interesting that they dropped the Mark number. I kinda dig the simplicity of it, if the base just says Iron Man.

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