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    Default 1/6: Hot Toys - MMS4??D20 - Iron Man 2 - Mark IV Diecast Figure

    Suit-up Gantry:

    I think I'm done once I reach 10k posts.

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    Still waiting for that mk7......

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    I haven’t watched IM2 since it came out, but this makes me want to finally revisit it! The armor designs are all great and this is tempting.

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    And then.... there was Mark VII left...
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    I always wanted the gantry with mk 4 looks like ill have to preorder

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    Happy freaking New Year! Not sure if I'd need the gantry but I know I'd regret it if I didn't pick it up. For the sake of my wallet though I hope this has a 2019 release date.
    "No amount of money ever bought a second of time."

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    Is this a re-release but now with die cast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthTrafford View Post
    Is this a re-release but now with die cast?
    They literally used the same mold but they just sprinkled in some Diecast into the parts.

    The headsculpt and accessories is also just reused from the original.

    The gantry is also just a re-release but with better weathering.
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    Beyond the diecast material, how do the proportions of this and the VI compare to the originals?

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