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    Default Daredevil (Netflix) sixth scale figure review

    Let's get back to some more Hot Toys this week, starting out with the Netflix Daredevil! I have to admit, I was really looking forward to this guy, based on how great Deadpool turned out last year and how great the prototype looked at SDCC last summer. Unfortunately, I'm a bit underwhelmed. You can find my review here:


    or with the rest at the usual:


    Thanks for reading!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Crawford View Post
    Overall - ***
    I have to say that I'm a bit underwhelmed by this guy. Perhaps it's because the prototype looked so amazing at SDCC, or perhaps I was just expecting something similar to the fantastic job they did with Deadpool last year. But the overall execution isn't quite as tight this time around, and while I'm glad I picked him up (he'll look great with the upcoming Punisher), I'm just not blown away like I expected to be.
    As usually Great review! I myself was a bit more impressed than you, perhaps because I was expecting a lot of these issues before I got mine in hand and could appreciate some of the better qualities I was not expecting a bit more. Expectations go a long way in framing our first impressions. He does have some undeniable flaws, but I am also glad I picked him up.

    As I mentioned in another thread, mine arrived about 10 days ago but so far I only had a chance to get it out of the box and take a look. Unfortunately I need to do some rearranging to make space for him on my shelf so he'll be back in the box for a little bit, but I was happy with it after being able to see him in person. Like you I think the head sculpt (facesculpt and helmet) looked great in hand (I love the red lenses in the mask) and the issues with his build many in the forum talked about not having broad enough shoulders, while still technically true, doesn't jump out as much of a problem in person. Personally I think the suit itself though is both the greatest strength (after the superb helmet and facescult) and the greatest weakest. Even though I expected a limited range of mobility I was still surprised how tight the suit was and how limiting. I don't have AntMan that some have compared him to so this type of material and fit was new to me. I haven't actually tried to put him in many poses yet because he went back into the box but I can tell that even some of the limited poses I have seen some post on the forum must be pushing the flexibility of the suit to the limit. I'll just have to see how comfortable I am pushing it when I am able to display the figure. On the other hand besides the tight fit and odd slightly baggy crotch you mention, but beyond that I think the look, materials, and texture of the suit looks fantastic and this probably doesn't get pointed out enough. Regardless of our various opinions of the design the show uses the quality of the look of the figure duplicating the details of the costume is one of the best out of the Hot Toys figures I have. This is particularly fun because we don't get a great look of the details in the show because he is always running around at night and in the shadows so the figure actually gives us more than what we are able to see on screen without embellishing or drifting from accuracy. Again I think the suit has some key strengths and obvious weaknesses.

    It is not a perfect figure and because of a few noted flaws will never be considered for 'figure of the year' BUT it does live up to a level of impressive quality we have come to expect from Hot Toys overall. I am glad I purchased this figure and have no regrets what so ever. As a fan of the DD show, and the Frank Miller run in the comics, I am happy to have this as this figure as my representation of DD on my self. On a side note I think he is going to look great with my WS Black Widow figure; just one of the possible display options I am considering. I would recommend the figure to fans of the show or comics, it still lives up to Hot Toys standards but it is not one of those figures they knocked out of the park that would make you want it even if you arn't a real big fan of the show.

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    I have to say I agree with all of your points Michael, for me it's a spot on review. I had the same nitpicks and was always underwhelmed overall.

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    Great review as always. I think you hit the nail on the head... the long forearms and thin calves/lower legs is a big part of the why the figure looks odd in some poses...
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