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    Default Re: 1/6 Hot Toys - MMS - Captain America: Civil War - Ant Man Collectible Figure

    Anyone else not get enough batteries to make his helmet lights work? Instructions say put three in the compartment, but he only came with two. And the plastic battery holder was only molded for two.

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    May need to sell one MIB today AT A LOSS at least 10% off BBTS

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    My local CBS had one of these out on display, so I was finally able to see it in person. To be candid it looked better in pictures to me than what it actually does in person. Don't get me wrong, it's a really cool figure, but it just didn't have the same "wow" factor to me as say the first Ant-Man figure. Perhaps because the suit itself wasn't as intricate as the first suit (which of course is no fault of the figure), but it just looked better to me in the images I've seen on here.

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    Look who crawled in unexpectedly today! I never intended to get him, and thought if I get him off the waitlist, which not? Surprisingly, it converted on Valentine's Day. Having him in hand though, it's just awesome. The overall feel and look makes it feel home with the rest of my Marvel collection.

    Now if only Black Panther converts!

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