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    Default Re: Hot Toys Captain America: Civil War The Winter Soldier Collectible Figure

    That arm looks really chrome. Excellent. Can't decide whether ill sell the WS version or get this one. Need more pics

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    I love how the left sleeve of his jacket is literally torn off

    Wonderful photos...the sculpt looks fantastic and I like how his arm seems shinier than the TWS version.

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    His new outfit is hot trash, TWS was a much better figure

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    the sculpt is dead on. I think I will be getting this one for sure if I enjoy the flick and his character in it.

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    Was looking forward to pics of this figure. WS is the absolute best cinema marvel villan to me. I honestly don't like that he doesnt have his tactical look to him. All geared up for combat is how I like my bucky to be. Sculpt is very awesome but will be a definate pass. Don't see this look replacing the cemented look the ws movie gave me of him.

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    The difference in costume makes sense in terms of the movies, though. All that tactical gear in TWS was HYDRA's... this time he's having to scrap together an outfit to take on Team Stark. Hopefully we'll get a real "hero look" (as in good guy tactical gear haha) for him at some point in the MCU.

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    Hopefully they do a civilian Bucky with the hoody and cap, I like that one much better...

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    I doubt they will make it, but I'm crossing my fingers. This one is great, but I want civilian Bucky, too.

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