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    Default Re: 1/6 Hot Toys - D00 - CA: Civil War - War Machine Mark 3

    I think I like that better than MkII... It'll still be too expensive for me. I don't want to spend US$350+ on any Marvel figure that isn't a redo of an old IM suit really..
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    I think I am going to skip DC WM I and go for this one instead...this is just pure bada$$!!!! I think I'm going to use my measly points on him...
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    It's a good looking suit. I like mk1 more still. It's more beefy and pretty close to comics as well.

    But I'll gladly take this one as well.

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    Hmm looks cool.

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    Power Pose? So statue?

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    WM3 is a figure, that Mk46 is a power pose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hologram AI View Post

    Nice blend between Mark 1 and 2. Also looks like he has a bat..?
    Does he have two shoulder guns, I think?

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    No it seems like he's holding something. I'm gonna wait and see if there is battle damage before I trade my mk2 for this one. Also, WM hasn't sold that well lately. I got mine for $220 a few days ago from a fellow freak. I could see myself waiting a long time for this one.

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    2016 looks expensive, my Mrs is gonna do her nut

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    Man o don't know which War Machine to get with all these coming out. If he is badass on Civil War than I rather have this one. I feel as Wat Machine has been really underused. I think. Im go with the New Iron Man 2 that's coming out.

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