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    Default Re: 1/4 Hot Toys QS07 Iron Man 3: Iron Man Mark XLII Collectible Figure

    It annoys me also, I'm still getting it, but it's something I was really looking forward to and now I'm not. I think it would be my only 1/4, my favourite Iron Man armour, and they changed everything the the worst - darker colours, the horrible blobs, why not the dripping rusted weathering, is it really asking too much when we're paying so much for it?

    I really hope when I get it in hand my opinion will change, otherwise I'll always look at it and think I could have gotten two 1/6 ones instead of this...

    It's not looking so great when there's not many people posting on here also singing its praises.

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    I've ordered the standard, cashed in my points for the first time ever so only paying shipping. All those stands always stay in the box for me, so I'm glad they have the option this time around to save a few bucks. I'm going to have to work around the paint issues when I get it in hand though.

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    Is there any chance they'll release another batch of these? Kinda like how they did with the 1/6 Deadpool wrist thing. Surely they've had complaints or at least noticed the negative comments about this paintwork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    Is there any chance they'll release another batch of these? Kinda like how they did with the 1/6 Deadpool wrist thing. Surely they've had complaints or at least noticed the negative comments about this paintwork.
    DP wrist was a QC issue thi was a design choice I doubt they'll make others without the burn marks.

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    This still looks good all the way around. I jumped on the waitlist for the deluxe version. I want that base. I knew I should have preordered sooner. I hope it converts, but man it's gonna be rough paying for this thing in two payments rather than several smaller ones. I was really hoping it would show up as in stock before I put in my payment schedule. I guess the deluxe version is a big part of the incentive on this thing - almost like getting the gantry all over again.

    How many think this has a strong chance for conversion since it just waitlisted yesterday?

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    Arrived! A beauty
    Some pictures of my current setup>>>

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    Looks pretty good. I will probably display mine with the battle damaged parts as well.

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    Received mine today. For what it's worth, I have no issues with the eyes. I think it looks fine in-hand. The battle damage blotches (when compared to the prototype) on the other hand ...

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    Mine has the eye problem more pronounced.
    In hand is not too bad but it is there
    I'm thinking if getting a repaint or not...

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    A lot of these photos with the eyes are close up shots - so people are also dealing with barrel distortion caused by the camera. From a distance, as in knl01's post, the eyes look more normal. It's also why Winter Soldier Black Widow looks weird in certain photos. Sort of like those selfies taken too close to the face.

    I hope my order converts from the waitlist - I want this with all the bells and whistles.

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