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    Default Magnetic Floating Iron Man: Review and Set-up Instructions

    I've head quite a bit of people having trouble setting up their magnetic floating IronMan displays by Beast Kingdom so I made a video that I hope would help. First time I tried, I burned 4 hours unsuccessfully setting it up hahah. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to help clarify.

    Version if have is the SDCC2015 Exclusive Egg Attack Iron Man Mk III version, but it should work with the other paint schemes.

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    I still cant get mine to work. I would have returned it but the retailer doesnt accept the same b

    It speaks volumes about the product if it takes 4+ hrs to get it to work. I think this was poorly conceived and misleading. Not blaming the OP but this is a horrible product. Avoid.

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    It took me like 2 hours before I learnt how to consistently get my Mark II version to float.

    But now I've had it floating non stop (periodically switching it off here and there, but not recently) for like weeks. Going to burn it out at this rate.

    But I found that the easiest way was to place each on my hands (palms up) below the head and feet, and lowering it from only 2-3 inches right above the center of the plugged in base, and once you feel it pulling it down towards one direction, just move it directly opposite the pull a cm or so which has always worked for me. (Exactly as per the above video)

    Starting higher than a few inches and lowering the piece (which I read and saw on other videos) and hoping to get it to float on the one smooth move never worked for me. And caused the base to overheat and auto power off because I kept on failing to get it in the right position.

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