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    Default Re: Which MCU female character you want Hot Toys to make next?

    Quote Originally Posted by Josette View Post
    I feel like Shuri became more of a fan favorite, but even though I really like her, Okoye is my favorite of the 3 BP female characters and I do think, action wise, she makes more sense. I'm hoping to have my BP figure soon, and I do still plan to pick up Shuri.
    HT used to have a tendency to create characters where the actor was famous, over more important/popular characters.... so we could get a Nakia since Lupita is arguably the most famous (currently) cast member from the film after Michael B Jordan.

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    Okoye would be a day one PO for me, the Dora Milaje suit would be striking in a nice 1/6 version. A Nakia in the final fight Dora uniform could also lend itself to army building, as they did with the Legends line. BP has such great colors and design in the costumes, pretty much anyone would be a great figure

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    Quote Originally Posted by GetUpKid View Post
    "She is hotter and more popular than Valkyrie and Okoye."

    It's the she is HOTTER part. You're talking about toys. It comes off as an old dude making a creepy comment. It is because I do respect women that it bugs me. Same for the people that buy the doll bodies of women that have gigantic breasts and then put a headsculpt of an actual person on it. A bit creepy man.
    My actual comment was Peggy is Hotter. Peggy the character / actress which I am sure many of her fans agree is HOT.

    I cannot believe I am being personally attacked for just saying she is hot.

    Also, as another member already pointed out - Hayley Atwell is nearly 40yrs old. I am significantly younger than her.

    Although age should not matter as long as both party is over the age of consent.

    You are telling me that once you are over a certain age then you cannot appreciate members of the opposite sex.

    Or "old dudes" are not allowed a sex life or fantasy?

    Ageism much?

    Getupkid even made some wide assumptions linking my one "Hot" comment as like creeps who buy Phicen body and want to put Peggy's head onto it??

    Well, I don't own any Phicen bodies but I certainly have no prejudice for people that do.

    For certain figures like Harley Quinn; you will want a phicen body to get rid of the ugly joints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GetUpKid View Post
    If you don't realize that the two things aren't analogous then I'm afraid I won't be able to explain it further.

    Also it was the specific wording used. Go back and read the post again. It also feels a bit misogynistic.
    Getupkid claims to be respectful of women, but he is certainly not respectful of his fellow collectors.

    To verbally abuse one fellow board member base literally on one word "Hotter" as being misognogistic and then assuming the guy having Phicen bodies and being a creepy old dude.

    Well so far every one of your assumptions seem to be wrong as he has posted he is a lot younger than Peggy and don't actually own any Phicen body.

    I also don't see anything wrong with collectors swapping out to Phicen body.

    Perhaps Getupkid's parents should teach him to be respectful of everyone regardless of gender or age.

    And stop with the wild assumptions and accusations of another human being.

    I for one have lost all respect for Getupkid based on his conduct, especially now that he has doubled down on the verbal abuse to "misogynistic" wtf.

    You should apologise outright and stop adding further abuse.

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    To borrow from Starlord, or Mr. Lord, I sincerely ask everyone to “chill the f out!”

    We are all collectors here, can’t we all just get along?

    Let’s not get into the “There will be no peace, as long as Kirk lives!” mentality, okay?
    "I am Iron Man!!!"- Tony Stark

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