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    Default HELP! Comander Ganch red Pauldren AND WOLFE SHOULDER ANTENNA

    I am in need of the red Commander Ganch shoulder Pauldron from the 1/6 SS figure. I also need a wolffe left shoulder with antenna or just the antenna.

    please help me!!!!!

    Last edited by millertime; 08-04-2018 at 08:50 AM. Reason: need new parts

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    If anyone knows where I can get these please let me know. If I have to I will buy the whole figure to part out.

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    Pplease anyone help me. I will take just the brown gloves too!!! especially the left hand.

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    Still searching for these two. Please help! Ii will even take a replica pauldron.

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    Really need help with this Ganch pauldren

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    Need a wollfe shoulder antenna for the left shoulder, or an antenna if someone can make one.

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