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    Default New UK Predator Collector

    Hello - I can be got at the Official Predator Fan Community as A_Lost_Hunter. Devotee of the first two Predator films and especially my first and beloved Predator 2, a criminally underrated masterpiece, it was my first sneaked adult film -- as a little boy the urban jungle, the opulent bling and strut of the gangs and the tribal aesthetic paint and sheer swagger of the City Hunter were all alien and fascinating in rural Scotland), unashamed freeze framer and pedant in training.

    I am starting to collect the Hot Toys Lost Hunters, sticking to the kit s as they are much more accurate to the film and were my unattainable dreams as a boy-- that's kit City Hunter in two forms, kit Elder and kit Lost. Shadow, Guardian and Snake will be picked up later as they are v. simple to "put together" or don't need assembly at all.

    If you look at my Predator Fan Community post s you'll see I have one serious problem with the kits - I have mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy and would rather not do the assembly myself, especially as they now cost me c. 300 a kit, so I'm looking an experienced HT Pred builder who might help for a generous fee. PM if interested. I have a plan!

    I'd be glad if anyone knows if the 1/6 Pred custom scene is still alive? I think that the talented Les Walker used to post here donkey's years ago. I saw a bloody brilliant King Willie head on reddit (Neny Dukic I think,but he's got out of 1/6) and would love to commission one in the future.

    So long, and cheers,

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    to the forum

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    Thank you very much!
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    Hello and to the show!

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