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    Default Aloha from New York

    Hello fellow collectors. I stumbled upon this wonderful site of yours while trying to hunt down a Statue I just had to have (which I did secure) and have become quite fond of the information and reviews provided by all of you.

    A bit about myself and my collection, I live in New York and my addiction in the hobby started about 8 years ago with my first purchase of a Kotobukiya MK 3 statue. It kicked off my collection of 1/6 scale statues that while now small includes all of the Kotobukiya 1/6 scale iron mans. This transformed into a need to collect everything from ironman to anime to lightsaber hilts and star wars figures and anything else that I wanted to display until it got quite out of hand and I really needed to rethink and reimagine what I wanted my collection to be. So I sold off nealy 75% of it to restructure it and climatized myself to spending a bit more for some of the best.

    So here is my primary focus now which is Iron Man/ Wonder Woman/ Lightsaber hilts. These are my favorite parts of the MCU,DC and Star Wars. If I see a statue not in these catagories and I feel the ich, I let it simmer for a few weeks and if its still at the front of my mind I will get it. This doesn't happen often. So below is a list of my collection.

    Sideshow Mk.42 1/4 scale
    Kotobukiya 1/6 Mk.2, Mk.3, Mk.4, Mk.6, Mk.7, Mk.42, Mk.43, Mk.45
    Iron man 1:1 Mk.42 Helmet
    Iron studios 1/10 Mk.47

    Sideshow Wonder Woman PF Exclusive 1/4 scale
    Kotobukiya 1/6 WW
    Kotobukiya 1/10 WW
    DC collectables BvS 1/6 WW
    DC collectables 1/6 Training WW
    Amazon Exclusive 1/6 WW
    2 different Iron Studios 1/10 WW

    Sideshow Aspen Mathews PF 1/4
    Sideshow AVP Machiko Noguchi PF 1/4
    Gentle Giant Black Widow 1/4 (This was the one I was hunting for)
    Gentle Giant Suckerpunch 1/4 Amber

    Mace windu 1:1
    Anikin AOTC 1:1
    Qui Gon 1:1
    Ahsoka Tano Curved hilts 1:1
    Graflex 1:1

    A couple of preorders I am looking forward to receiving are the Sideshow 1/4 Rebel terminator, and my beloved Prime 1 1/3 Wonder Woman.

    I am very happy to be a part of this hobby and may you all have a wonderful day, Aloha.

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    to the forum

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    Welcome to the forum from New York.

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    Hello and to the show!

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