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Thread: Marcus Brody

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    Default Re: Marcus Brody

    Looks great. Add me to the list, please

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    So which Marcus are you guys making?

    ROTLA Marcus (dark blue suit) or TLC Marcus (tan suit)?

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    Well, I have two tan suits ready to use so prob that one. Also have a hat to use if I want but most likley will go topless.

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    I'd have to go Raiders with mine..... gotta gotta do a Marcus custom.. and THANK you for doing these !!

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    Oh this is wonderful! Great work! And please add me to the list.

    Take that Sideshow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfisher View Post
    I'd have to go Raiders with mine..... gotta gotta do a Marcus custom.. and THANK you for doing these !!
    Can't wait to see your Marcus Mike. GREAT sculpt Vartal, but not one of my 'must-haves'...now, if you do a Sallah!

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    Many thanks guys for the kind comments I really appreciate them all

    Brody is available at my website, 30.99$ shipped.

    I will also make a poll to know what character should be next although viewing the interest for Sallah he will be the winner surely. I'm thinking of Marion or Short Round, any other ideas are welcome!

    Indiana Jones Characters 1/6 Head Sculpt Poll

    More info at first post

    Last edited by vartal; 12-29-2009 at 09:29 AM. Reason: Updated info

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    im definately getting this sculpt in the next few weeks after everything settles down after the xmas period!
    im very tempted by the dietrich sculpt too. dietrich and brody should be fairly painless to kitbash i think, whereas sallah, marion and short round would be more difficult to get suitable outfits for(for me at least- zero skills in tailoring/customising an outfit!), otherwise id snap up all three.

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    If you do Sallah, please do Raiders, as in Map Room/Well of the Souls Sallah.

    If you do Marion, please do Well of the Souls Marion, we always seem to get Streets of Cairo Marion (except the original Kenner figure ...).

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    Thank you guys for the support

    Certainly it's not easy to make any outfit but at least these aren't too complex, I'm sure that there must be something useful on ebay

    About the versions, they shouldn't differ too much, anyway I hope we can decide it together.

    I was going to ship the orders tomorrow but due to the holydays the postal office will be closed. It was also closed the past 26th so probably I won't be able to ship them until this monday, anyway I'll try this saturday too. I will let you know.

    Thanks again!

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