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    Default Re: Sideshow 1/6 ROTLA Toht image thread

    If it works to get this figure down the road, I certainly will, the execution looks really nice. His head looks more cast skin than Belloq, more like the hobbits, which is nice.

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    This figure is nitpick proof, not because it's perfect, but because the mere existence of this figure is almost too good to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmarz1000 View Post
    Heck, we didn't even see a 3 3/4" Toht from Hasbro! This is a day to remember for Raiders fans!
    The line has been a little hit and miss for most people, myself excluded. Indy, no matter what anyone says, was a great figure. The ability to customize and futz is almost infinite and the head sculpt was awesome. Many have more then one because of it.

    Belloq was okay. The sculpt was a little off, as was the paint (hair color) but the EX is just awesome, and the figure itself looks quite nice with a little time and work, IMO.

    Now that I'm looking at these photos of Toht I'm pretty confident that the series should see a pretty long life span. SS did a great job.

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    Needs futzing, but looks good right out of the box.
    "Let me have a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it fast. I'm in a god damn hurry."

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    Taking some better pics right now. First impressions and answers to a few questions:

    - The glasses are my only real gripe, but they look a little better in person. The rims are still too thick though.

    - The body is not loose at all, hopefully SS has worked that out now.

    - At first I thougt one of his legs were longer than the other. Turns out one of the joints wasn't pushed in all the way.

    - The melty head is Toht-ally awesome! (sorry, couldn't help myself). It has a very glossy sheen to it.

    - The heads swap out much easier than my Indy's do.

    - The coat is pretty nice, same material as Indy's jacket. It has a snap in the front, which is nicely hidden.

    - The suit is nicely tailored and the snaps are nicely hidden. Was pleased that they stuck with the swastika pin. The handkercheif does not appear to be removable.

    - The sculpt is great, as is the paint. There is a faint mold line on the top of his bald patch, but it isn't too noticable.

    - The sculpt on his burned hand is nice too, but the burned in impression of the headpiece isn't as prounounced as in the film (which always looked a little fake to me anyway)

    - The skin tone on the head and hands doesn't match up with that of the body too well, but thankfully most of the body is covered up pretty well. It's mostly noticeable on his neck, but that is mostly covered by his coat and shirt collar.

    - The accesories are great (other than the glasses)! The removable hat works quite well and looks good. The Luger is nicely sculpted (but should have been a Walther P-38!). The hanger is awesome and works just like in the movie but seems a little fragile (think the rings that come on the lightsabers). The poker is cool, but the "glowing end" doesn't look as good as it does on the box. It would have been cool if they could have done the end in some sort of translucent red plastic. As it is, it is just a kind of orange, faded to white, paint. It seems a little pointer than it out to be too.

    - Overall, I am quite happy with him! More (better) pics to follow...

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    Relief from your review! Thank you, Billy Ray!

    That poker tip does look like those orange-white candies you get at Halloween to me.

    I have to search out a P-38 and a new set of glasses now. It's OK, Belloq required more work.

    Glad they got the suit, the striped shirt, the handkerchief, etc all good. Even the Nazi pin. Plus we get the hanger, the poker and the hand and a gun. Comes with everything you could want short of his medical bag.

    Really curious to see some cleaner pics of the melty head when you have time.

    Thank God this came out as well as it did.

    Freaks Dilemma: desperate need for completion vs. desire for perfection

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    Thanks Billy Ray! Nice review!

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    OMG Nazi pin!

    Hate the glasses...but it works. I cant wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Old Jim View Post

    Thanks Billy Ray! Nice review!
    Just glad to be able to "pay it forward". I usually have to live vicariously through the rest of you guys here until I receive my figures. Still can't believe I got him this quickly.

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    Looks good, glasses are weak... but overall looks like another great figure from Sideshow. I am surprised the head and hands don't match-up well with the body. Usually Sideshow has done a good job of color matching.

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