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    OK.. so there is already a thread dedicated to the Belloq figure.. mine came in about an hour ago.. and I don't know what the fuss was about.. this figure is great and has tons of potential... The tie is short and the thread knot was lame.. but ten minutes of scissors, pliers and superglue.. bingo.. tie is fixed.. better knot and length is good now.. obviously still needs to be refined.. but again.. I have been working on this figure for all of ten minutes so far..

    Then I threw on a khaki shirt I had in the scrap box ( won't be using this exact shirt for my project as it does not have epaulettes ) but it gives me the idea of what this figure can look like later.. also dug up a safari pith helmet from the parts bin...

    Anyway.. point being.. I thought a new thread was warranted for custom projects without all of the " I cancelled my order" etc etc posting.... I'm curious to see the projects people have ongoing with this figure.. I plan on ultimately doing three customs, one of belloq sitting in the cairo cafe.. ( scratch building his hookah is gonna be interesting), one dig site Belloq.. and a jungle gear Belloq...
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