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    Default Re: Rene Belloq 12" figure

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Madden View Post
    Maybe they can take some of those environments and sell them separately.
    If they sold the environments separately nobody would buy their crappy figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kl241 View Post
    If they sold the environments separately nobody would buy their crappy figures.
    WOW ... thats all i can say

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    hey i actually want the figure but just not at that price.

    but if anybody wants to buy the environment and give me the figure i'd be happy to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Darkness View Post
    I agree. Its looks exactly like Charlie Sheen in a suit.

    Seriously, who does he look more like:


    This head actually would make a good Sheen custom...

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    He looks good 2 me really. Once futzed he appears to be a damn nice figure. I went ahead and ordered it on second chance tonight.

    Justin-If SS offers figures at high prices with subpar quality. I hope I don't read another post of you ordering a figure made by them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Josh View Post
    I went ahead and ordered it on second chance tonight.
    As Roy Batty would say: That's the spirit!

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    Josh, I as anyone, wish Sideshow would try for better. Belloq is already on second chance. Something is clearly wrong here. And it's not just the economy or lack of interest in the subject matter.

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    Hi Guys, I'm newer, but I lurk a lot.. just got my Ex. Belloq, thought i'd post some pictures.

    Here are some shots of Indy with the Idol Environment. Obviously, the environment is INCREDIBLE. So I thought some pictures to show that off would be nice.

    Here are some shots more of Belloq. I'm happy with him with the gun in the position i have it. I like him. But I also took a shot of him with the gun down, and it shows all the problems we have with him. Mainly, that horrible tightness and the silver clasp. I was able to lessen it with water treatment (along with crazy wrinkles in the pants..) but there is only so much you can do. I'll probably give him a dig site look later like everyone else.. ditch the tie, open the shirt, something.

    And here is a shot from further back to show how big that damn environment is. Don't mind the star wars figures. They once took up the whole top shelf, but i shoved them to the side to make room for Indy and the Environment. When the stormtrooper arrives in 2 weeks i'm gonna just pack away the LOTR's stuff and give that shelf to Star Wars I think.. still deciding!

    Overall opinions on the two?

    Environment = 10/10
    Belloq = 5/10

    Reasoning? I think we all agree he is mediocre at best. I love the hat and suit.. but the suit is just TOO tight. The face is also a problem. The head seems too big, and a bit too charlie sheenish, as previously stated. And lets not mention the tie.
    But on the other side, the gun is GREAT, love the pocket watch, the hat, the suit (despite the tightness) and when you look at it overall when posed and futzed.. it looks pretty good actually. True, i'm upset it cost so much. But really.. we all wanted the environment. So the fact that I can even LIVE with Belloq, is fine by me. After the LOTR's line was kicked in the nuts, i assumed Indy would be too. So I really only wanted the basic Indy and some cool props for him. This accomplished it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinLuck View Post
    I canceled him and it had nothing to do with the popularity of the Indy line, but all about the sub par quality that Sideshow offers at exorbitant prices.
    I agree with this for this figure. I still buy SS products, because some are great. Unfortunately, some are poor. Same thing can be said about any toy company, but seriously Belloq is not a $90 figure. $40 to $50 the way he came out. Here's hoping Toht comes out stellar. At least with Belloq, I didn't like the proto, Toht on the other hand kicks all kind of ass
    Your stink brings tears to my eyes!

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    Husker75, those photos are awesome. And welcome to the board!

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