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    Default 1/6 Grail Knight

    Hello everyone,

    Just finished this up today and attempted to take some pics with my new camera...still learning there. But anywho, I'll need to make/find a better belt and sword possibly too, but I'm happy enough how it turned out. I was always on the lookout for a bearded old man head and finally found one. Big thanks to D-Art Studios for custom tailoring the robe and cloak! I had it made based off the costume from auction pics I found online instead of screencaps. I assume the costume has more of a grey-tone from lighting in the scene itself. Real chain mail would be sweet, but I don't think I got it in me haha. I do plan to make a pile of ashen bones for Donovan next just for fun...


    - Sideshow Endor Rebel head repainted
    - D-Art Studios Robe and Cloak
    - Cross emblem made by a friend (D-Art may still have it on file?)
    - Sideshow Monty Python chain mail and sword/belt

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    Thatís awesome!!! Great job!

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    Brilliant. Really well done Earl Weber.

    I always wondered what the Grail knight did in that room all those years. He must have read his book a thousand times over. I guess he must have moved the grail cups around for fun when he was bored.

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    Very nice work.

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    Freaked Out!
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    Great result, all your customs are awesome!
    So many figures we could of had 10 years ago.... oh well

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    Very cool!
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    Great custom!

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    Very cool work!

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