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    Default Best Indiana Jones Collectible Props of ALL TIME

    Just curious on what the opinions of the best ever Indy props are.

    I have the Sideshow Idol, Ark of the covenant and Chalice of Kali. Of the 3, I would probably keep the Idol, but I still love the Ark and the Chalice.

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    Freaked Out!
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    Sydney, Australia
    I have the ark, i love it but it is'nt accurate by a long shot. Never got the idol, but am happy with what i picked up anyway from the fan made props floating out there.
    Also, the chalice is really cool, and works for my display. But, its an artists interpretation of the prop and is fairly different from the real thing.
    Theres a talented guy on the rpf and club obi-wan making an awesome idol that will have moving glass eyes and possibly sound effects built in to the pedestal, but would be expensive to buy obviously for most of us indy nuts

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    I missed the Idol and the Ark. Had a chance to pick them up on the cheap for a short window, and regret not doing so. But I did get the Chalice and am very happy with it. Yes, not accurate but it's still very cool and it's a conversation piece when people see it.

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    Although the accuracy may not be 100% - I still really like the look of the Noble Collection full scale replica of the TOD sword with the display wall mount. There are a handful of different replicas of the Staff of Ra medallion out there.. Cant recall which one was touted as the best one - but that's one I wish I had picked up.

    For small items, Todd's costumes did a cool replica of Indy's pocket knife with stag handle. He also does a Raiders sandbag that you just need to weather.

    I picked up an actual vintage pocket watch on eBay which is the same brand / style as Belloq's from the bar scene in Raiders.

    There was a guy on the Indy COW forum out of Spain who hand made actual clay Grail cup which are gold leafed etc which are VERY nice replicas. Perfect coloration and scale / shape etc. I did snag one of those.. The COW forum on indygear.com is the place to go for full scale replica info.

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    Freaked Out!
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    Apr 2014
    Sydney, Australia
    Its the same guy that is working on the idol offering. His attention to detail is world-class.

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