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    Default Re: Temple Of Doom Fans

    Quote Originally Posted by superado View Post
    Since much of anything Spielberg had to say about TOD was years after the fact, it's hard to determine how much his views were influenced or not by backlash. However, based on face value of his statements, there was just so many things that went wrong with the shoot that its net effect is that it was not a fun experience compared to ROTLA and LC, despite whatever shooting challenges those films had.

    He was going through a very difficult time in his life when he made it so his state of mind certainly wasn't at it's best.

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    At some point over the last few years it has become my favorite. The mine cart chase and short round make that movie so fun.

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    The negativity around Temple of Doom is not hard to understand. Its insanely inconsistent.
    It is both the most light hearted and most horrific in the one movie and seems to switch randomly from scene to scene....sometimes in the same scene.
    And while Indy takes by far the most damage of the series, getting his ass kicked all over the place, Short Round runs around next to him launching pillow fists/kicks and taking out fully grown men with ease.
    Willie essentially screams and waves her arms from start to finish.

    Saying all that .... all of the above is pretty much why its my favorite of the series

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOTnerd View Post
    At some point over the last few years it has become my favorite. The mine cart chase and short round make that movie so fun.

    The mine cart scene is easily my favorite of the series.

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    I'd rank em in this order. For me it's about watch ability. I'll stop in my tracks when TOD is on TV.

    Temple of Doom
    Last Crusade
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Kingdom of Crystal Skulls

    I also really enjoy Last Crusades opening with Indy as a youth along with the ending scene when they need to complete the 3 tasks to get to the cup.

    Raiders is classic but I think TOD and LC ramp it up a bit more with comedy and action. KCS, ugghhh, do we even need to add that one? Story was fine I just HATE all the CGI crap they added like the Refrigerator scene, swinging on vines etc.

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    TOD is my number 2 for sure with Raiders being in the top spot of course. Always loved it and agree with Sab. It's all over the place. Light hearted one minute to horror movie the next. I always found Willie's reaction to seeing Mola Ram yanking the sacrifice's heart out to be just horrific. Like she absolutely can't handle what she's seeing and she's gonna have a coronary on the spot. It's just so weird and I love it for that. Great Indy movie!
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    TOD is the closest the series ever got to being straight-up Horror. Besides being the most pulpy of the series it also feels very much like a live-action EC Horror comic from the 50s with the dark, eerie ambience and the visuals and color palette.

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    Well it was the movie that led to PG-13 ratings. I loved it as a kid. It's gritty and dark and Indy gets the tar beat out of him. These days, I find the movie quite dated. I can't really watch it from start to finish anymore, but there are certain scenes that are still gems, like the mine cart chase, the bug scene and the rope bridge. I really do think it was a perfect mix of violent content and comedy: the laughs taking the edge off of the darker scenes. And I really do appreciate the filmmaking: for example, building the model for the mine cart scene is quite a feat. It'll always be No. 2 behind Raiders, which is just a classic and a movie I never get tired of watching.

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    Oh I definitely don't disagree with Raiders being the best. I've said it many times before, but while I think Raiders is objectively the best, TOD for me is the most entertaining.

    Can't help but wonder how the subsequent films might've been had been like if not for the TOD backlash. Spielberg was really hit hard by the negativity and controversy to the point he's admitted he made TLC to amend for it. Which IMO is silly has he delivered an incredible movie with TOD and for me it's still a high point of his career.

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    Another thing about TOD that's great is that hands down Mola Ram is the best villain of the series, IMO. Just pure evil and you knew the instant he showed up onscreen it was going to hit the fan. I think he raised the bar highly for how menacing an Indy villain can be and since then none of the succeeding villains have come close, IMO.

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