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    Default Re: Indy Gear… Custom belts/holsters & whips

    PM sent.

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    PM sent
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    I've got about 6 to 7 sets from mike. I've got at least 4 sets from mike directly and the other ones from custom indys that were sold. I love his work and he's trustworthy. He always comes through!

    Too bad my money is low now..cause i need another set

    Quote Originally Posted by mfisher View Post
    Just to advise publicly.. (will still respond to PMs as well) My full set includes : belt with working whip keeper, holster, & whip… The belts & holsters are hand sewn from actual leather then hand dyed.. The holsters are custom molded to fit the pistol of your choice.. Pretty much 99.99% of my holsters are formed to fit the HT pistol.. Once in a blue moon someone opts for the Sideshow S&W pistol though.. Make sure if you opt for the SS pistol you advise… I also do gear sets for the other three films.. All sets are screen accurate as every film has a different belt, holster and whip.. So once the SS TOD figure releases I am available for that range of gear as well… Price is $120 for a full set.. Shipping is $5 for US addresses and $10 for international… I am also open to breaking down the pieces for those of us on a budget (on a cop's salary I fully appreciate funds being limited for hobby stuff).. In that event each piece runs $40.. (holster - belt - or whip) That way you can pick up pieces over time… On average my turnaround time is 3 weeks from payment until the day I ship.. However, as stated above I am going to try and get ahead of the curve and start building ahead of orders to speed up the wait time.. I have always had an issue with seeing collectors post about experiences with custom work wherein they did not receive the goods they paid for until months later.. I just cannot in clear conscious take funds and not deliver in a reasonable amount of time… There have been occasions over time it took me a little over three weeks.. My only excuse/explanation is being a single dad of two and working a hectic schedule at the Police Dept.. In the end I always try and make it up somehow..


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    Your work is totally worth it. I own your Raiders set. And I will be ordering your doom set.

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    Does Mfisher visit the forums reguarly? Does he have any other way to be contacted like facebook/email? Interested in getting a set.

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    He does frequent the site regularly. He may be a few days before though. He is top notch in the craft though. I have his Raiders set and it is well worth the wait and price. Great man to deal with. Just be patient and he will help you out.

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    I have caught up on all PM's… Sorry I don't check the board as much as I used to… This community affairs gig I do with the police dept now keeps me ridiculously busy… I am looking at taking a vacation day this week just to work in my shop actually… Juggling being a 50/50 custody single parent and police work has a tendency to soak up a chunk of my time.. The week I do not have my kids I tend to work a lot of 12 hour days.. then the week they are home I try and spend as much of that time with them.. thus not a lot of time on the board these days.. However I am still committed to getting orders out in a reasonable amount of time.. runs closer to 3 weeks these days from payment… a few times it has gone a bit past that.. but I won't rush the quality of the gear either… I appreciate all of the support over the years and the positive feedback from the community here.. You guys are an excellent group of folks..

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