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    Default Re: Hot Toys DX05- Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark) 1/6 Figure Full Specs + Pi

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    Well after a long and tough road of worrying that this figure would turn out not so great, I am pleased with these in hand pics. OMG and Tin put all my worries to rest. Thank you guys. The only thing is his hair looks pretty awful, but with the hat he looks almost spot on. And who in their right mind would pose Indy without his hat or the map room hood? "You call him Dr. Jones doll!"
    I think I will go with this pose once he arrives. Excellent work!
    "You're all clear kid, now let's blow this thing and go get a beer!"

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    All discussion on the likeness aside, that ugly seam on the hair should have no place on a $250 collectible.

    Personally I can’t say I’m disappointed with this release as I never liked the proto pics anyway. I’m just a little sad that once again poor Indy got the shaft. It seems that this licence doesn’t have much luck with collectible companies. It looks to me as if HT did this Indy because they had to not because they wanted to. When you look at their other figures like Superman, Batman ’89 or Jack Sparrow you get the impression that the people who worked on those really loved the source material. There’s so much love and attention put into creating them, while this Indy looks like it was just another assignment to get out of the way.

    As it is I’ll just pick up the boots, shirt and the hat to update my customised Sideshow figure.

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    Facebook page : Hot Toys Collectors - www.facebook.com/hottoyscollectors.

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    Facebook page : Hot Toys Collectors - www.facebook.com/hottoyscollectors.

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    I can't belive how crazy this thread has gotten since I last saw it... If you really don't believe something is worth the price, then the best thing you can do is to not buy it, that sends a very clear message to the manufacturer. But people are already paying $100 for the headsculpt on ebay. Just because you see something a particular way, doesn't mean that everyone agrees with your way of seeing things. I've made my mind up (as have many others) so no amount of argument is ever going to change our opinions on that. People are buying this because they believe it's a great likeness to Indy and very much worth collecting. Sideshow starts shipping this on the 17th and no amount of rhetoric and hyperbole in this thread is going to change that.

    He looks bloody amazing in these photos, so now I know for a fact that he's going to look 10X better when I get him and set him up the way I want. Can't wait to see him in his desert garb...

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    From toys daily

    Over here.. Over here... Turn around... Turn around... Anytime...

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    Once I get mine Im really going to try and achieve this pose! Its fantastic!

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    I for one was very interested in this piece since day 1 being that Indiana Jones next to Chris Reeve's Superman are my two favorite actors in two of my favorite movie franchises of all time. So having both of these figures released by Hot Toys at the same time should have been like Christmas morning. However when both sculpts were revealed, I could not justify the cost when the sculpts were so off. I did pre-order anyways and was very happy to see Arnie fixed the Reeve sculpt so I am keeping that pre-order. I was very disappointed that no changes were made to the Indy sculpt which to me looked even worse than the original Reeve attempt.

    So I come on here and side with the vast majority of those who agree the sculpt needed tweaking in three areas to make it better. I would have purchased this figure if two out of the three areas would have been addressed. The nose and the jaw line were the biggest flaws and still are and the PERS simply looks unnatural when compared to how it was done with the Ledger Joker and Bruce Lee.

    Now I have no problems with anybody's opinions whether or not they love or hate the piece.

    I just wanted to get down to the facts and a couple of us here discovered exactly what was wrong and how it could be fixed. This is what these forums are for, so telling us we are trolls and calling us names is really childish. Now most of us here are adults, who happen to have enough money to fund this expensive hobby. I have 5 figures on pre-order now Supes, Bats, Joker, Captain A, Skaar. I would have kept this Indy in the lineup for sure had the nose been fixed alone and the other two kept the same. That is by far the biggest problem with this piece.

    Like I said before, Hot Toys will probably come out with a V2 of this piece with multiple sculpts etc and everyone will soon forget about this "off sculpt".

    I am eagerly anticipating a Temple of Doom 1/6 to display next to my Sideshow TOD PF which is an amazing piece and the best likeness of Indy so far in my collection.

    For those that missed the last thread, I believe it is important to know exactly what the main problems with this sculpt are so that it can be fixed for future Hot Toys Indy sculpts.

    Original Sculpt

    Slight changes to the left nostril and left jawline

    This pic below is the best IN HAND of the bunch at hiding the flaws.

    I have no need to continue in this thread. I hope all of you enjoy your Indy.
    Last edited by Superman; 10-16-2011 at 12:30 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rzeznikk View Post
    Once I get mine Im really going to try and achieve this pose! Its fantastic!
    This is one of my favorite photos. Great posing.

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