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    Default Re: Article: Re: CREEPSHOW starts today!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by hotslayer73 View Post
    OMG are you Guys still waiting ? i recieved my Nate just after christmas and it,s a beautiful put together figure,.

    you guys are gonna be real happy, well worth the wait
    I took that with a grain of FULL OF ****.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikekind View Post
    Not to be that guy, but...prove it?

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    At least we can find some humor in all of this... oh wait, not really

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    my post got deleted haha Thanks Bro - if anyone who should be dissapointed would be myself and a handfull more who ordered and paid in fuill withiin the first 5 min of going live 5 years ago - i no 4 a fact more than 3 quarters demanded a refund and was,ent prepard to wait,..

    so in reality the jokes on me - looks like my joke went wrong and a handfull of sour chops did,ent see the funny side - if anything i should be the one crying knowing the figures will never ever gonna come through, as much as brian brainwashing us all , trying covinceing us he,s working hard on them in his back kitchen
    he should have really partnered up with another artist and got this complete time ago - plus why o why his he spending his spare time sculpting Fuffy ? -
    All his dedication and spare time would ove been better off complteing the NATE FIGURE ---

    Bottom line is that i was in the first 20 to put my order in 5 years ago, and stood by Brian from day one - never ask for no refund, and to be honest if the figure ever turns up (Great) but to me $90 i paid as gone and wont be getting back, to ease the pain i try teling myself the $90 would,ove been spent and gone some time ago ..anyways...

    other little thing that niggled me was that brian promised that the guys that stood by him and never asked 4 a refund would get an extra secret item for doing so ,,, which was the ash tray or was it the tombstone stand caint seam to remmeber , but what did brian end up doing, telling everyone that ordered and all new orders wouls get the same secret item too lol

    my opinon he should of left it to beto , instead of going to buy the rights, and unable to complete one complete figure - am i highend collecter and own most off betos figures and was on the 2nd run for fluffy, but had to miss out as brain took it on and come through with nothing - SAD

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    Update from Yesterday on FB:

    Hello Everyone-

    Sorry I've been missing for a while. I've been busy with some personal issues. I'm still working on the Creepshow project. Just about completed everything needed to start getting Nathan shipped. Also wrapping up "The Crate" molds. I don't have any other news right now. I'm just focusing on getting everything done so Nathan can go out. I'll post again soon with better news. I don't want to keep sounding like a broken record. There's just not much else to say except things are still progressing and you'll start seeing Nathan soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galactiboy View Post
    Update from Yesterday on FB:
    He always states things are progressing, but nothing ever gets out. I so wanted this to succeed. I was so close to putting in an order when this was put up. When this or if this figure ever gets out it's going to be so anti-climatic. Fluffy and crate
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    I'm in the "Ordered Day One and Still Waiting" camp too.

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    Me as well, but in all honesty, I lost interest in this figure a long time ago. If it ever shows up I'll probably sell it anyway.

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    Fathers day...

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    .............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz.......................
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    It is so hard to not let the hate consume you. Really, $98 for this was a steal of a price... as long as a figure is delivered. IF Nate does get a release, it'll be interesting to see Dooley try to win back trust with Fluffy and the Tide Zombie figures he's been teasing. How the HECK is he gonna get people to trust him again? And how much will he be asking them to trust him with?

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