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    Default Re: Article: Re: CREEPSHOW starts today!!!

    I admire the Dooley's never give up attitude on this project, even though this has been one huge mess and one miss step after the next, he is still persistent enough to see it to the end no matter how long it takes. Most folks would have thrown in the towel years ago in frustration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Anton Phibes View Post
    Go ahead and put your pre-order in. Expect speedy delivery in 5 years or less. guaranteed.
    Srsly, I can still put a preorder in?

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    Rumor has it that Dooley is going to release 25 Fluffies shortly after he gets Nate's first wave out. I was never really into paying a large sum of money for customs. But I now see the appeal. You may pay alot...but you actually see the figure materialize relatively quickly. I cannot believe cease and desist orders were sent to folks actually producign figures so SHS could release...nothing...in 5 years. Nothing. Nothing. To put this in perspective, Distinctive Dummies just celebrated its 5th year in customizing and has made over 100 different characters.

    I have waffled back and forth between defending and complaining. But, honestly...I am not going to buy these. Because 25-100 figures being produced, after a 5 year wait, is pretty silly. 5 years is a long dang time.

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    Lol this guy had one license and one figure to do and he can't even get it out what a joke!!!

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