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    Default Re: Article: Re: CREEPSHOW starts today!!!

    At this point Nathan is just a figure in the back of my mind.... the money was spent so long ago it hardly feels like a purchase

    I still feel like Dooley is doing what he can to get them out, but slow going. He'd probably do better not giving any dates as they just get blown through every time. If we get Nathan before 2016 I'll be surprised

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    Update on Nathan from SHS Facebook page:

    Hello Everyone!

    Sorry for the lack of posts. Been very busy!!! Let's get right to the business.
    I'm casting and painting Nathan figures, Packaging is being printed and suits are being mucked up.
    I promised images a while ago and I'll get them out to you ASAP.

    The only detail of clothing I'm waiting on is the red ties and vests with the gold chain.
    That's it!!! I'm determined to start shipping (even if it's just a few) Nathans by the end of the summer.
    I will go through the list from our earliest orders to the most recent.

    I predict by the holidays I should be all caught up on what SHS owes and can get the
    next figures "THE CRATE" & "SOMETHING TO TIDE YOU OVER" ready to go out the door.

    I've suspended sales till I've gotten caught up on Nathan. Once that has been done I'll accept new orders.
    Through out the years of this project I've received many kind words of support as well as had my ass handed to me.
    Everything that could go wrong did. And in the end it falls on me!

    So with that I'm getting back to your figures. Please have a wonderful weekend. I will be neck deep in resin and paint!!!
    Commission Pieces... HERE

    "Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud."

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