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    Default Re: Article: Re: CREEPSHOW starts today!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by marker2037 View Post

    See you next Halloween hopefully for the unveiling!
    HT I will get: T1 BD T-800, BD Robocop, Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Gamora, Drax (maybe).
    PF I will get: Cleopsis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marker2037 View Post
    Completely I forgot I still have this paid for and ordere

    See you next Halloween hopefully for the unveiling!

    Better late than never!
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    Update from FB

    Hope everyone had a fun and safe HALLOWEEN this year!!! I spent it sculpting, molding and casting. Took a break to watch some classics with the wife but then back to CREEPSHOW. So Nathan's progress is as follows...

    All his molding and castings are just about complete for what we owe "very patient" customers. Then the bulk of them will be painted and detailed. Still waiting on the clothing but the packaging has finally made some headway!!! Thank you Think Hard Design!!! Pending on when the clothing is done you'll see Nathan at your door step end of 4th QTR 2014 or mid to end QTR 2015 (Feb-March)

    I also hated the base/ stand castings we were getting so I had it re-done in Z-Brush and 3D printed. It's 1000X better and you'll all be very happy with it. This base/ stand will be used for ***ALL*** CREEPSHOW charaters. It will still have the decal where the figure stands but the CREEPSHOW logo is now embossed. It looks great!! Thank you Stephen G. Wells and Tim Allison!!!

    Because Nathan has taken soooo darn long I've decided to put all the other figures in production as well. Basically once Nathan ships to you we'll announce all the other characters back to back.

    Fluffy The Crate Beast is getting a new body as we speak and wrapping up his accessories. I've figured out a better plan for his fur so he's moving forward. I'll be announcing the winner(s) of "The Crate" giveaway very soon.

    .... and "Something To Tide You Over" is in the final sculpting stages. Portraits are almost complete. I've attached a few images for you to view. I must now get back to work. Lots to do!!!


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    Update from FB:

    Hello Creeps-

    Haven't been on here to post something in a while. It's long overdue!! First off hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. I've been working hard over here molding and casting lots of parts for Nathan Grantham. Also getting THE CRATE figure ready. We plan to release him right around the time shipping begins for FATHER'S DAY.

    When is that you ask??... We're planning on end of March 2015. Starting with our retail stores who purchased cases first and then to our individual customers. We hope to have our first batch of clothing in soon and then we can get naked Nathan dressed and out the door. This will not be all at once but over the course of 60 days (give or take). As the clothing comes in, Nathan's go out! And I'm going right down the list in the order they were purchased.

    I need to pick up a few more gallons of silicone, resin and urethane rubber to make Nathan parts. I'm having the platform of Nathan's stand reprinted. The size was off and it was missing some details. Like I've said before all of the details and parts have to be right. But SHS is in the home stretch.

    In the meantime SHS has picked up a few freelance gigs to keep the lights on. One being something for STAR WARS. We're just helping out another company/ friends with their licensed project. We're also awaiting our first film project to do all the creature/ gore effects. Hopefully that will start up soon.

    We're having some website surgery done. So shopping carts are down while a few things are changed out to be a little more user friendly. They should be up soon... Right Dan He's actually working very hard to get it done quickly.

    And on a seperate note during the production of CREEPSHOW we've lost both our dogs to cancer. My beagle STEVE March 25, 2013 and my wife's mastiff THOR this past December 9th. So that's partly why it's been a little quiet. They were not only great companions/ and distractions at the studio but at home and in our hearts. Unconditional love at it's finest!!! They will be sorely missed

    So that's the current updates for now. I have to finish a cup of coffee and then back to molding and casting. I wish 2015 to be a successful and wonderful year to you all. And I hope it's full of positivity and gain. Cheers!!!

    Brian Dooley/ President
    Shrunken Head Studios, LLC
    So... still crawling along Cant' say I'm trilled about retail sources getting figures, first... but I can understand having to meet the larger demand first. But I'm sure I will be a touch annoyed to see someone ordering the day it lands at a shop getting it 1-2 months sooner than my day one order.

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    Well.....it's sooner than I expected

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    Quote Originally Posted by galactiboy View Post
    Update from FB:

    So... still crawling along Cant' say I'm trilled about retail sources getting figures, first... but I can understand having to meet the larger demand first. But I'm sure I will be a touch annoyed to see someone ordering the day it lands at a shop getting it 1-2 months sooner than my day one order.

    Yes, I agree, but will the retailers get the Tombstone accessory? Wasn't that going to be some kind of exclusive or no?

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    According to FB, looks like the tombstone is available for all. Oh well. I'll just be happy to finally get this. I bet the secondary retailers won't sell it for the original $98 I paid.

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    Wow, Creepshow started in 2011.
    I hope this really makes it out. I'll still support this line and this company, but the business plan has to change.
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    Wait---so I can go to Amok Time when their shipment arrives...order this...pay a bit more than the people who have been waiting for 4 years...and get mine before them? Hurmmmmm. I understand why he has to do it from a business standpoint. But if I had been languishing in waiting room hell for 4 years, I might be a tad irked.

    Ahhh business in the extremely teeny weeny horror figure market,lol.

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