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    Default Re: 1/6 did apollo 11 astronaut fiftieth anniversary

    Looking forward to these.

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    Definitely. Would love to see a Gene Cernan Apollo suit as well as a Alan Shepard Mercury suit as well.
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    mercury suit... my god... i am hoping and praying!! wanted a good mercury figure (not the go joes... a GOOD one)... since 1983!!!!!

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    Are these up for preorder anywhere yet?

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    Wow. This set looks amazing. Would definitely love to have it in my collection. I was always obsessed with astronauts as a kid. Was lucky enough to meet the director of the Kennedy Space Center a few weeks ago. I was star struck. Lol

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    Any news when these will go up for pre-order? The 50th anniversary is approaching soon and the Apollo 11 documentary movie is now in theatres. It would seem to be a good time to make an announcement.

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    Been a long time since this was talked about, hopefully we hear something soon.

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    It's not just 1/6 collectors waiting on these. If they do come out they won't hang around long.

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