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    Rex Tremendae Majestatis
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    Default Re: POP TOYS Jeanne d'Arc & armoured horse

    Beautiful figure.

    I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.

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    The two Jeannes left Hong Kong yesterday afternoon.

    I don't know how he arranged it, but on 27th January OneSixthKit emailed me to say that the horse would be despatched from mainland China, rather than his own Hong Kong location. The two Jeannes would follow a few days later from Hong Kong.

    Knowing how long parcels from the mainland can wait in the holding area prior to boarding a flight, plus the imminent Chinese new year, I set myself up for a long wait...

    The parcel left Shenzen the same day, accounting for the time zone difference...and arrived in the UK 21.16 last night!

    It was released from customs three minutes later at 21.19.

    That's got to be the quickest turnaround I've had, though the massively boxed Blitzway Ghostbusters deluxe set was only minutes as well.

    He's currently 20 miles away, ready for delivery today.

    This will be my fist 1/6 horse since I sold Dragon's Blitz.

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    She's a beautiful looking horse.

    Quite heavy. Feels/sounds like hollow resin, and is very stable, if you pardon the pun!

    She measures 13.75" to the top of her ears, and I think 10.5" to the top of the withers. Not easy to be accurate with that unless you have something similar to the kind of measuring stick used for a real horse.

    In real life that's 63" to the withers, and using the calculation as described here,


    means that she's the equivalent of 15.3 hands high.

    (63 divided by 4" per hand = 15 hands plus 3" = 15.3 HH).

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    The straps are fiddly but the buckles are large enough that it never looks impossible, as it sometimes does when trying to put gear on a regular figure.

    My process for assembly was the saddle blanket on first. I put the tail into a plastic bag to keep the hair together in order to get it through the loop.

    Next are the stirrups, which lay loose over the blanket. Then the saddle, the cinch strap being the first part that you buckle up.

    I put the chest armour (peytral) on next, which has a strap on either side connecting to the harness at the front end of the blanket.

    The trickiest parts were the rear armour plates (crupper) since they're heavy metal, and need supporting as you attach the first strap. I worked on the three straps at the top of each crupper, levelling them up as I went. The final two straps that bring everything together are from the front of the crupper to the saddle.

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    The sculpts are really very well done. I wouldn't be disappointed if these had arrived on a HT figure. In fact I think the sculpts may owe their origins to the venerable HT Resident Evil Alice, except that POPToys' paint is much better.

    The quality is a lot better than my photos suggest, which is usually the case:

    First thing of note was that the boxes were heavy. The Burgundian armour is significantly moreso. I don't know that I'd want to risk having either of these sitting on the horse.

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    In some of the BBICN reviews there was reference to something strange going on with the neck. Because the Google translation is rarely much good I didn't understand what they meant.

    But this is it what it was:

    Both figures have that cup over the neck ball joint, which is a standard thing.

    Yet the short haired sculpt has one of those cups already inside it. So one cup rests on the other, raising the sculpt so that the lower one is still visible. The only explanation can be that POPToys considered the head was sitting too low.

    But they haven't taken into consideration the thickness of the armour. Looking at screencaps her chin overlaps the gorget:

    Here, even with her head tilited back, her chin is only just above the gorget:

    So I pulled the cup out of the head. Luckily it wasn't glued in as some are. Now her head goes to the bottom of the cup and sits where it should on the neck.

    In fact, looking from the side now the sculpt lines up exactly like this:

    The Burgundian armoured figure completed:

    You can see that the neck guards on the pauldrons have been scaled down on the figure, they don't extend as far back or as far forward as in the film. You also have to take into account that in the movie still her hair was wet, whereas the figure has a dry mop of hair. The pauldrons are smaller in general though.

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    Thanks for the posts. Can't wait for my order

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antarion View Post
    Thanks for the posts. Can't wait for my order

    These are certainly great looking figures!

    Here's the 'Charge' version:

    I removed the front armour, which I'm no longer sure are meant to be faulds or tassets. Faulds attach to the plackart/breastplate/cuirass, and tassets attach to the faulds to protect the thighs. But in this case the tassets attach directly to the plackart.

    In any case I unstrapped them as in the movie she doesn't wear them with her first armour. Unfortunately the mail is a bit too short. This may have something to do with the thickness of the arming doublet, which extends to just above the end of the mail.

    The other figure in the Burgundian armour must have a different doublet. It has a blue collar for a start, but I can't see the bottom of it. It must be short enough that it ends at the bottom of the breastplate. That might account for the mail being longer on this one.

    However, if she's mounted the short mail won't be so obvious.

    I test fitted her while she had the tassets still attached, but I didn't spend any time getting her right down in the saddle:

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    I got her onto the horse.

    She sits right down into the saddle very easily. Then it's a juggling act of trying to make her as secure as you can with the stirrups. Her right foot fell off a couple of times. The ankle peg is a kind I haven't seen before. It's a thin rod a bit like the end of a hand peg where it attaches to the arm. But it's smooth, without any friction grooves.

    Her gripping hands are too wide to hold the banner, unless the end is braced against the ground. So to have her holding it while mounted I cut a strip of leather and wrapped it round the pole, then placed her hand around the leather.

    At first I had the mounted version with the long haired sculpt and helmet, but somehow it didn't look quite right. At the same time I was starting to think that the Burgundian armour with the short hair wasn't working. Maybe because my clearest memory of that armour is when she's in the rain and her hair is drenched. The fuller hair on the sculpt was at odds with the proportionally smaller armour around her neck.

    The heads are very easy to change as they just slide down onto the neck cup, so it's no problem to switch them around whenever you feel like it.

    For scale reference with the CooModel Gothic armour:

    Without the armour she would stand at about 10.5", making her 5' 3". So about the height of the real Jeanne.

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    Rex Tremendae Majestatis
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    Mar 2006
    Colombia, South America
    1 (100%)
    Damn... I want this figure...
    Thanks for all the pics!

    I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.

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