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    Default Re: Coomodel 1/6 william adams a.k.a miura anjin in honda tadakatsuís gusoku

    Pictures by Miniatures_Ray

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    ..such a beautiful samurai figure! But i prefer putting the helmet and mask on... have deluxe William on PO...that backdrop is art!

    Have to make custom cabinet to fit the whole deluxe version though

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    Photo by junewhitetiger Jhoon Yee

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	30829978_245409932695753_7054987746552578048_n.jpg 
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    Another chinese video

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    Im still waiting the shipping notification from BBTS for the deluxe ver.

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    The Warrior of the East / William looks great .

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    it will take some time until it arrives in the US and the EU. it seems like its only available in asian regions right now.
    Bigbadtoystore's date was "1st Quarter 2018" at some point, now its 2nd Quarter.
    there are sites where it still says 4th Quarter 2017 ... so i guess nobody knows what the real date is.

    i asked the staff of the german site where i ordered and they asked their supplier if they know something
    but sadly there is no information available.

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    Im expecting shipping time would be around end of June, beginning of July from BBTS...

    Oda Nobunaga might be shipped in March 2019 lol

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    yeah, it seems like organizing is not their strongest feature. the release dates for the Coomodel products are all over the place.
    like +6 months on top of the intended release date.
    but at least so far all of the products turned out to be really good and they are improving everytime.

    release date for Li Naomasa is probably january 2020

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    photos by hinnun79

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	31775399_165595734118820_7101375300314857472_n.jpg 
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