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    Default Re: 1000toys Storm Shadow 12 inch figure

    Anybody know where to buy one other than eBay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warpig View Post
    Anybody know where to buy one other than eBay?
    At BAIT
    -Back in Stock
    -and...Sold out Again...

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    The idea of that being Storm Shadow is kahkah, but I could definitely see a few of these posed behind a traditional Storm Shadow figure. Maybe Destro constructed these and sold them to Cobra as a squad of android combatants modeled to look like SS and programmed to fight in his style. Storm Shadow infiltrates a G I Joe base with his death squad and dispatches the entire Joe team. That would make an fun episode of G I Joe.

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    got to open this guy up today and i must say i am very impressed with the quality of the figure itself.

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    Looks great, not as a Joe collectible, but I love bot related stuff as well and it looks good in that regard

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    Would love to buy one of these if anyone is willing to sell.

    Edit: Got one at base price from another forums.
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    Available at 1000toys.jp if anyone is still looking. For the record, I've owned almost every figure the company has released to date, and this is one of the best. Excellent layered outfit that doesn't hinder articulation at all except for some restriction at the neck, absolutely loaded with accessories, and all tolerances and finishes are to a high standard. Don't sleep on it.

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    Late to the party by far, just curious if anyone has Storm and Snake they would want to sell. Thanks

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