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    Default Re: PRIME 1 STUDIO - Storm shadow

    Quote Originally Posted by darthblitzwing View Post
    He thinks sheaths might be deep enough, he is not sure. Once I send him my sheath he going let me know what he thinks.
    From the photos I sent him and mentioned that sheath was about 1/4 deep, that was when he mentioned that it might work.
    Any update on the sword hilts? Did you check out the PCS statue? It has the hilts.

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    I have been busy, I have to send it to him with some other repairs

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    If anyone has a lead on one of these for sale, let me know....I just received WL confirmation on Snake Eyes, would love to have SS as the companion piece.

    Edit- was able to find a regular SS on ebay for retail, so I snagged it.
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