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    Default Re: Hot Toys - MMS 87- Planet of the Apes General Ursus spec + hi res pics

    No Arguing SW Freaks Allowed in this thread or be Kurganized!

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    Sideshow apes were great for their time. Hot Toys apes are great for their time. Apples and oranges.

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    You better pray Hot Toys gives you a Medieval Kurgan figure since your precious Sideshow didn't.

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    Its like comparing sex when you were in high school and sex now.

    When you were is high school you thought it was great, now you realized it kinda sucked and NOW sex it great.

    I dont even want to think about what I might come up with in the next ten years. Likewise, its hard to imagine Hot Toys in ten years

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    Quote Originally Posted by kl241 View Post
    You better pray Hot Toys gives you a Medieval Kurgan figure since your precious Sideshow didn't.
    The Kurgans awesomeness was to much for Sideshows weakness to handle. Its just as simple as that.

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    These HT figures really are a different breed. The 1/6 hobby is continually evolving and HT builds on what has gone before. As Dusty mentioned - these figures wouldn't be possible from HT without SSC having laid the groundwork with the license.

    So even though I'm not that big an Apes fan I'll be glad to add these to my collection even though they are bound to be in the $120-150 range.

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    It definitely looks amazing but I don't think I'll be collecting this line completely. I definitely want an astronaut Taylor, though. Perhaps a Zira and Cornelius but those three would be it.
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    For me, the Sideshow Apes line was a revelation. My Apes roots stretch back to the Mego days, and I even bought some of the Hasbro figures. When Sideshow started showing pics of their sculpts and costumes, I knew I was hooked. A few years later, a few advances in technology and a BIG price increase... and we get these beauties. Things change.

    I've never bought anything from Hot Toys before because of my only marginal interest in their other licenses combined with the pricing. I've admired their work but these? These?

    I'm very in for this line. And I'd like to recognize and tip my cap to Sideshow for the part they've played in making these figures happen. These are the apes I've always dreamed of owning, if I'd only known it!

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    Is there nothing Hot Toys can't do? Wow.

    I don't suppose Buffy the Vampire Slayer is popular enough in Hong Kong for Hot Toys to pick up the license? Man what they could do for a Willow figure.

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