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    Default Re: Outer Space Men review

    Man, Zeriods were so damn cool too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceCrawler View Post
    Not everything in the toy world was a TV show or movie back in the 60s and early 70s, the way it is today. Back then you bought toys and used imagination to play with them, which is something I think is lacking today in toys, due to the preordained story lines of TV shows and movies and corporate desires to only make toys that have TV/movie tie ins.

    The biggest toys, like the original GI Joe, Major Matt Mason, Zeroids, Hot Wheels, Johnny West, etc, had no comic books, no TV shows, no movies. Just imagination.

    Original Feedback Thread/The Pantheon of The Worthy Member

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    I really like this new series from the Four Horesemen, wish they were a bit bigger though. I have a set of originals from 1968 with some backer cards, still look at them daily. Colossus Rex is too awesome for words. Got a chance to see the unproduced second series at last years NYCC & was awestruck! Really wish those were produced.

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    Pics of the upcoming wave look amazing and contain some of my most-wanted characters! Love the look of Gamma-X. I can't wait until we see pics of the actual toy with his clear armor on. And they are introducing an Outer Space Woman, Terra-Firma.


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    Dat be some badonkadonk she haz!

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