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    Default Oldest Pre-order

    I was going through my list of pre-orders with KG Hobby and there are only a few still to go: HT Matrix Neo, HT Emperor Palpatine, VTS Justice Judge and right at the bottom of the list, Pangaea Samurai General. This was pre-ordered on 8th Oct 2016, nearly 2 years ago. Anyone got anything older than that?

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    5-17 Toys era blue shifter aka Mystique, 9-18-16 Five star weather manipulator aka Storm rumored cancelled.

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    I waited more than 2 years for Rose from BC after paying in full on the launch day.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And, now I’m waiting (fir more than a year now) for the 8th Doctor and Captain Scarlet.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I expect the 007 figures will head that way as well.

    It doesn’t stop me ordering , up to a point.
    With the exception of some not so cool hair on Rose, I’ve enjoyed all of my BC figures.
    Their Thunderbirds figures are just amazing . So I can see me signing up for Lady P and Parker on day 1.
    I haven’t preordered the three brothers set though. I had planned to, but I’m going to wait this one out to see if these actually come out. First set I’ve had a bad feeling about : the proto pics were amazing though, and I will be happy to order once they are available.

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    Most PCS statues take over two years its ridiculous.

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    Pangaea Scottish General, ordered May 2016. Every few months Pangaea says it will be released “next month”. LOL

    I also have had the Toys Era “Blue Shifter” on pre order since it was announced.

    I also had a couple of Big Chief orders from late 2016 that were sent out this year (Clara Oswald and the War Doctor).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furyan View Post
    Most PCS statues take over two years its ridiculous.
    Longest was indeed PCS

    Kessler wolf....3 years.

    Sent from the inside of a giant slug in outer space.....
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    I've had the Prime 1 Arkham Knight Batmobile on preorder since it went up on Sideshow. That was fall of 2015. We're at the three year mark now. Absolute lunacy!

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    My oldest pre-order is the Big Chief Studios Eighth Doctor figure which I pre-ordered on 21 April 2017. No idea when he'll finally be released either!

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    It’ll either be the PCS Dredd or Chun Li

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    I think the Pangaea Samurai and Scottish General figures are going for the Guiness Record Book of Longest Pre-Order.

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