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    Default Hot Toys - MMS 118 Inglourious Basterds - Aldo Raine Specs & Pics

    Since there's a little activity in this thread again--I just got this figure last week, brand new on eBay for under $200. Gotta love those auctions that end in the middle of the night. I gotta say, I was completely blown away when I opened him. I was apprehensive about getting such a (relatively) old figure--my oldest so far being the Nicholson Joker--but I literally said "Wow" out loud as I was unpacking him. Here's a crappy iPhone pic, I gave him a cigarette to hold in his left hand because of the way the fingers are positioned. I'm going to try and pick up some better trigger hands from another figure, I have the Han Solo ones to try out.

    The likeness, sculpt, and paint all still look REALLY good. I held his head right up next to a few of my newer figures like my HT Obi-Wan, which has insane detailing in the sculpt and paint (even though it doesn't look like Alec Guinness to me, but that's a different issue) and it really does still hold up.

    The bag already had a couple creases where it looks like it will start flaking so I'll keep an eye on that, and I will probably go back and remove the shoulder padding like people have mentioned. As far as removing the undershirt, I find if you put the outer belt on the last notch then it doesn't cinch in the waist and makes it look more natural without having to take the shirt off.

    I wish the Hans Landa had turned out this good. That figure is an easy pass unless I see an amazing deal. This one I can't imagine ever getting rid of.

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    congrats on such a good deal on an amazing figure Hypnobrett! I still miss this figure. should've held onto it

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    What's a good price on this guy these days? eBay prices are nuts.

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    I was able to get one BNIB for $270 total shipped last December on an ebay auction.

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