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    Default Custom Works (Audrey Hepburn/Wonder Woman/Hermione and Beckham)

    Hi folks i keep trying my own custom works and dioramas and trying to improve my skills well hope you like my works thanks for checking my post.

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    Very nice. The Wonder Woman is very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star Puffs View Post
    Very nice. The Wonder Woman is very cool.
    Thank you so much for your kind reply.

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    Started to work also on my Viking Thor...

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    Are you keeping Wonder Woman and Audrey permanently in those poses (on the horse and Vespa)?

    I currently have WW on a horse and plan to get the scooter too but wonder what the long term effects of leaving these bodies in these poses will be. Most of my collection are in museum poses as to not put stress on the joints.

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    If you keep them too much in same position of course in a short time you will see some deformations at body unfortunately we are not able to do sth for this.

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