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    Default Save the Planet of the Apes!!! - PIX ADDED!!

    I don't know if it will even be possible but I'm all for trying.

    If you are interested in seeing this line continue please email me with your name, address and email addy.
    Also include the ONE figure you would most like to see.
    Send them to :

    I am trying to compile a list of people from different areas/forums that Sideshow could be approached with.


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    Hey IronMan1188 I just wanted to post a little tidbit i wrote for another forum. Come on SS don't let us down!!

    *TV series not included*
    -Three pack of Ape-O-Nauts with floating capsule (new sculpt Milo)- $150.
    -Scientist Milo - with foot stand and banana (Exclusive) -$45.
    -Armando (new sculpt) with Chains for Caesar and anti ape poster - $50.
    Slave Aldo (New sculpt) in Red Jumpsuit with broom and dustpan, garbage can and cigar (exclusive) - $55.
    Orangutan (new sculpt) in Orange jumpsuit with various weapons.
    Chimpanzee Lisa (new sculpt)- bottle of wine and blanket (exclusive) $50
    Governor Breck (new Sculpt) with book of Names and video monitor showing Ape uprising - $55
    Macdonald (new sculpt) with electrocution bed - $60.
    Ape Riot Squad member in Anti Ape gear with riot shield and shotgun (exclusive) $50 -$55
    General Aldo - with burning torch $45 -
    Virgil (exclusive) with 12" Caesar statue - $55 - $60

    Accessories, diorama display, or Play sets:

    -Sinking Icurus backdrop prop
    -Slave wagon
    -Ape Police HQ with holding Cell, desk, chair, Anti human Poster, Ape flag!!! And burning torch (TV series) -
    -Ape House and Catwalk with net dropping action
    -Stuffed Human with lobotomy on display for Ape Museum.
    -Subway tunnel Backdrop
    -Forbidden Zone Scarecrows
    -Alpha Omega Doomsday Bomb with stairway platform
    -Mini statue of Liberty Prop
    -Burning City backdrop from Escape from the POTA
    -Tree Prop with Little Chimpanzee Caesar Jr. from Battle POTA
    -Rear school bus door with battle damage includes "No Apes Allowed" sticker and working LED "No Crossing" lights also from Battle for the POTA.

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    I like your ideas but your prices are worse than Sideshows. I would, of course, need them all, but might have to revert back to ebay for some at those prices.
    And not including the TV series!!! Blasphemy!!!

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    You're right about the prices being high but I tried to allow for a $10 - $15 price cushion. I wanted to seem as realistic as possible. SS has been charging close to these prices without changing head sculpts or including any major accessory. Besides having new sculpts these would have low production runs so the price would have to be swallowed by the collectors.

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    Good point, but with Sideshow having just about the highest prices for their own product, they could absorb that minor cost unless providing significant accessories.

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    Cheers to that! Well add me to your list. I'd like to see Sideshow strengthen this line.

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    How about some beautiful statues?

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    If I have any success saving the figures, I'll think about trying the statues next.

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    I would love to see this line saved. But we must try to be impartial and as realistic as possible in regards to expectation. We will never see the kind of roll out Sideshow did initially with the line... announcing 5-6 figures at a time. Best case scenario, we could possibly plead a couple more figure from them.

    Rabid fandom offers it's own brand of clarity... one that is rarely shared by people outside your collective bubble (or your own mind). So getting carried away with possibilities (see Stickman's list) is not the way I think we should approach this. Don't get me wrong... I think that most if not all of Stickman's choices are inspired ones... if they were suggestions for an already healthy figure line. As we all know, that is not the case with the Apes line.

    I think that IF we were to mount this we should not let our "fandom" get in the way by asking for elaborate additions to the line. REMEMBER, to the suits at Sideshow, the PRIME APES of the classic film series (Zaius, Cornelius, Zira, Ursus) with modest edition numbers DID NOT SELL. Some retailers have stopped ordering Ape figures altogether from Sideshow due to slow sales (I know the store where I bought the first wave of apes did not order any of the Beneath stuff). So our selections should reflect that... some item that could be offered as an exclusive to the Sideshow website with a modest edition size. If I had to choose, my personal favorite figure to be made would be Virgil. But I fully understand that he is not a realistic choice given the circumstances. It would only categorize my selection as a "fringe" one. I doubt that this figure would sell the amount needed to break a profit.

    A reasonable selection could be Caesar from Battle. In fact, I'm surprised that he wasn't offered up as an exclusive in the same way that Astronaut Brent/Slave Brent was. The existing Caesar exculsive (with a mere paper circus poster as the SOLE bonus accessory) only underscores Sideshow diminishing faith or interest in the whole Ape line. Sideshow already has the Caesar head made and the clothing patterns from their Cornelius figure at their disposal. They could offer this figure with very little added cost to themselves... therefore they can offer it in a low edition size AND perhaps make a profit. Which is why they would make the figure in the first place... to make a profit...and not to simply fulfill some entitlement that we Ape fans seem to think we have.

    Also the set of Ape-O-Nauts, as a selection, with the use of two pre-existing heads and the creation of one pattern for all three spacesuits, might prove to be a solid consideration. In terms of demand, the Ape-O-Nauts are from an iconic moment within the WHOLE film series which would also, perhaps, help sales. However, packaging them poses a problem. Should they be offered separately or as a set? If you make them separately then Sideshow might find themselves saddled with the one that doesn't sell. Also individual boxes for each figure might prove to be more labor intensive for Sideshow. Also, do you make two Ape-O-Nauts or three? A boxed set of three Apes might be considered too expensive even for the rapid fan (I would buy one in a second, but that is me). A set like that might find more buyers on the secondary market when the price bottoms out... which does Sideshow no good. Perhaps a two pack of only Cornelius and Zira in space suits might be a good compromise.

    Another possibility would be General Aldo... although not my favorite ape (I'd STILL get him though). He could be constructed using already fashioned parts and accessories... perhaps saving enough on materials to allow for a whole new head sculpt (as a proper Aldo would have to have). In this regard, an Urko or Galen figure might also be a possibility, even though the television series is deemed by the general collecting community (sorry Ironman) to be less worthy of representation... less classic. Sideshow might not want to dip that far down into the world of the Apes.

    The underlining question is simple. What amount of figures does Sideshow have to move in order for the figure to be considered, in a business sense, a figure worth making? I do not know the answer to this question. I can only assume that it would have something to do with the amount of energy and material brought to bear to create the figure. SO that number would end up being on a sliding scale depending on the figure.

    All I'm saying is that we need to keep this in mind... to keep a proper perspective of the situation... if we want to see any additions to this wonderful line. It will be an uphill battle...


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    Then I'd have to vote for a new sculpt gorilla preferably Slave Aldo in red Jumpsuit. I agree with your idea of the Ape-O-Nauts being iconic to Escape from the POTA, I also feel that the gorilla in red jumpsuit is iconic to Conquest POTA and would be a strong choice for future figures.

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