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I just recently sprung for the German Blu-ray Mediabook which is the Theatrical Cut (The only cut I've seen so far). I've heard so many derisive comments about the added footage in the Director's cut, that I'm almost afraid to watch it. I think I'll stick with the theatrical version for now. If anyone else here is a huge fan and wasn't aware of the German Mediabook, it can be found (not cheaply) here: https://www.amazon.de/Warriors-BR-Co...bluraycom04-21

It's listed as a Region B release, but like several '84 Entertainment Releases, it isn't locked so it plays just fine in Region A (USA & Japan) players. It looks so, so incredible. I think I need to go put it on again...

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The Warriors has one of the most arcadish front cover for a movie. slap it onto a NES Box and it's a game. Streets of rage vibe.